Hey! Hey! Hey!

Road mana firm but gentle generate went out at a very fast speed and stabbed at six Taoist priests who came back to emptiness.
A Taoist who returns to emptiness dodges and is not directly pierced by the magic shock wave, and the Yuan God dies.
The other five returning Taoist priests quickly slowed down.
A slightly sideways dodged the edge of the magic shock wave and caught a glimpse of the scene in the corner of his eye before he caught his breath, and suddenly he was scared out of his wits!
That mana firm but gentle has passed him, but suddenly it’s like having spirituality, turning the blade around and stabbing at the back of his head!
Lotus flash
This Taoist returning to emptiness fell to the ground and fell!
Chapter one thousand and ninety-nine What do you want?
Su Mo’s divine knowledge and manipulation of mana change with ease.
The half-shot shows that this road is full of mana, shock wave and spirituality, just like having life, and it keeps shuttling around the Taoist who rushes back to the void!
Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh
Even if there are people who return to emptiness, they can avoid the first, but they can’t avoid the second.
Even if you can escape the second, you can’t escape the two firm but gentle siege!
Several Taoist priests who have returned to the virtual reality are tossing and turning in the same place, not to mention being close to each other. Their lives are already hanging by a thread!
Three days at this time has been scared face.
They consciously want to turn to look at the green robe youth.
But soon a sound rang out in my mind!
"Don’t look back at me and I’ll let you die now!"
The green robe youth voice contains cold and gloomy murder!
Three days into the air and a quiver, never dare to move any more.
Green robe youth surly eyes turned to look at the side of the red tiger road flyover eyes cold with a hint of doubt and murder!
"Didn’t you say that your Dragon and Tiger Pavilion has a method to say that you are in the king’s city of Zhou Dynasty?"
Green robe youth god know sound way "where is he? He hasn’t shown up after all this noise here? "
Road flyover Red Tiger looks pale.
Normally, Elder Sun has indeed arrived in the King City of Dazhou, but I don’t know that Elder Sun has not shown up.
Actually, Elder Sun of Dragon Tiger Pavilion is close at hand!
But he didn’t dare to do it!
The one who was buried at the bottom of the dragon valley is still alive, and now few people in the fix true world dare to cross the great boundary and shoot Su Mo!
You know, a half-ancestor who was buried in Dragon Valley and mixed with Yuan Zong was seriously injured and fit with great strength!
According to what the one who buried Long Gu said, even if Su Mo fell, he wouldn’t interfere, which can be regarded as Su Mo’s poor academic skills.
However, if Fa Daojun makes moves, this nature will change!
He killed Su Moyi, but he and Longhuge will bear the anger of a Mahayana bodhi old zu!
Even the late Mahayana bodhi old zu Dragon Tiger Pavilion can’t bear it!
The battlefield is that six Taoist priests who have just gone out in a blink of an eye have already fallen.
Road flyover Red Tiger clenched his fist slightly.
The green robe youth looks at him and feels like a thorn in the back!
"A bunch of rubbish!"
Road flyover Red Tiger came out and directly carried out a huge thick back knife from the bag, twisting his neck and giving a Kaka noise!
His cheeks unexpectedly emerged a series of golden silk threads strange and abnormal!
The golden silk threads disappeared as soon as they appeared on the cheeks.
It’s a strange golden glow in the eyes of road flyover Red Tiger!
Sue ink heart move frowning slightly.
It’s this weird trick again
Moreover, this kind of golden silk thread is a higher level than silver silk thread.
After this golden silk thread emerged, the atmosphere of the Red Tiger Road flyover became more powerful!
At this time, Ji Yaoxue was also light.
"Dragon Tiger Pavilion?"
Ji Yaoxue noticed that the token of the Red Tiger Taoist Zongmen looked dignified and said, "How can the Dragon and Tiger Pavilion be involved in the dynasty struggle!"
For thousands of years, the four dynasties had no door or family support.
For example, in the territory of the Zhou Dynasty, except for some small clans, the names are five big clans, such as Dimly Visible Peak and True Fire Gate.
This phenomenon is not surprising.
But also from the catastrophe thousands of years ago!
At the beginning, there were two great Buddhist families guarding the door in the powerful territory of Dagan Empire, and they all surrendered.
But even so, a catastrophe came and the Dagan Empire was destroyed!
Therefore, the two great Buddhists have collapsed and dissipated the wild mainland!
Since then, although there have been four dynasties developed in the territory of Dagan Empire, there are no more aristocratic families participating in it.
It can be imagined that even the super clans like the two great Buddhists were more afraid and careful because of the Dagan Empire’s annihilation of their families.
Door family almost formed a tacit understanding.

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