Terran ancestral land fell into peace.

But the more so, the more panic all beings have in their hearts.
Calm is often the precursor of wind and rain. The calmer it is, the more terrible the storm will be.
Ren Huang must be doing something big, so all beings think.
A dialogue between the terrans is going on in another Yuxu Palace in Kunlun Mountain, where all beings are worried about being afraid.
"Five hundred big Buddha statues!"
"So much for the demon race in the early stage."
"This Terran is really hidden. If it wasn’t exposed at this time, even being original didn’t know that Terran actually had 500 statues of winning the Tao."
Take a deep look at the Terran ancestors’ direction. Yuan Buddha still has some unbelievable words.
The 500-year-old Buddha was beyond his expectation.
"The number of Terran Taoist deities is indeed somewhat unexpected. Being original once calculated that the number of Terran Taoist deities is large, but it should not exceed 300."
"But this Terran has come up with 500 statues, 200 more than being original expected."
"This …"
"Alas, it seems that we underestimated our friend Chen Daoyou. He must have some means to deceive our perception and make our law aware of the breakthrough of Terran Daoyou."
After Yuan Tianzun finished speaking, the sage Taiqing said that the most proficient in calculating people among the saints, and he had been secretly noting the Terran.
Every time the Terran was born, he would secretly remember it, but he still missed more than 200.
Obviously, the sage’s means are still not as high as that of Feng Zichen’s, otherwise this would not happen.
"Fortunately, after the lich’s decisive battle, the environment of heaven and earth has degenerated from the innate era to the acquired era, making it more and more difficult to prove the truth."
"If not, the number of Terran Taoist statues will even double again."
At this time, the prospective road flyover suddenly said with a face of terror
Because he thought of a possibility
The environment of heaven and earth is so bad that the Terran can still give birth to so many Luo Daozuns. What if heaven and earth have not changed?
What about the Terran?
I’m afraid it’s not the forces that are catching up with the Lich clan!
As soon as this statement came out, everyone was silent. All of them thought about this possibility.
"And who can guarantee that this five hundred-year-old statue is the Terran-owned Taoist statue? Hook up that this person is good at calculation and will expose all the cards to the eyes of the world? "
After a silence, the sage said leisurely
Smell speech in the heart is a shock.
Yes, how can a person who is so good at Gou Chen reveal his cards when the situation is not good?
Terran must have another way to hide in the dark.
Such a thought has strengthened the determination to suppress Terran.
Terran has become a disaster. If you don’t start to suppress it, I’m afraid it won’t be another lich clan.
"You said that Ren Huang wanted to call the Terran to go to the Terran ancestral land with such great fanfare?"
"Isn’t it better to call in secret?"
"Is he provoking us?"
It seems that he thought of some possibility, and the leader of Tongtian said that he could not imagine that it would be more appropriate to call for a Taoist statue in secret.
But the wind Zichen just wants to call the people to the Terran ancestral land in the opposite direction and make it known to everyone.
this measure/action/step/move
Quite a bit of a demonstration to saints.
As soon as the saint here decided to suppress him, Feng Zichen pulled out hundreds of great Taoist statues, which was very obvious, that is, to dare the saint.
"What’s wrong with this? Don’t say it’s a provocation. It’s true that he’s not afraid to do it."
Hear tongtian hierarch speculation quasi road flyover literally said
Is there anyone in this world who dares not do anything?
It’s a great honor for a saint just to provoke him. Before that, he would have done it directly.
This year, if you don’t agree with a word, you dare to shoot a saint, that is, Feng Zichen.
Di Jun Emperor Jiangdu was never so arrogant.
Tongtian leader is right when he thinks about it.
Emperor Gou Chen is famous for his arrogance, but he dared to fight with Tai Yi when he didn’t become a Taoist. After that, he repeatedly clashed with saints and didn’t suffer much.
It can even be said that it has taken a big advantage.
When discussing the wind zichen in the Five Saints, there suddenly came a great fluctuation in heaven and earth.
The saints looked up at the sky, but they saw the mysterious and yellow merits of the sky converge towards the Terran.
Seeing these five saints, they were stunned at first, but soon they had white hair.
But the wind zichen plan became.
The younger brother Jie Jiaodi has built the Terran Delivery Body and officially put it into operation.
This world specially rewards two godbrothers for their merits.
"What a mystery!"
"Tongtian Daoyou really taught a good brother."
After a short period of stupidity, the prospective Taoist priest shouted with anger at the Tongtian leader

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