Blood quenching knife along the dead shoulder toward the oblique severely cut in!
The blade rubbed against the musculoskeletal bones and gave a penetrating noise as if it were cutting metal.
Thick, filthy blood surged out
This knife almost cut the dead body in half!
The blood quenching knife has been cut into the chest of the dead body before it can stop!
Being held back by a blood quenching knife can’t move a step.
Su Mo’s seemingly thin body is a horrible terrorist force in generate with a knife. Even invulnerability and fire and water can’t resist the dead body!
Friar Bai looks even paler and shakes his body.
Chapter four hundred and seventy A mass of blood mud
Is there nine schools of immortals, seven schools of demons, or six temples of Buddhism still standing today from ancient times? There are few clans.
I don’t know how many top forces have been submerged by the long river of years, leaving some ruins and old saying.
Resin refining is one of the few super clans, which has been in existence since ancient times.
It is even said in the field of repairing the truth that the origin of the cult of refining corpses can be traced back to the ancient times, when the Terran was weak and the ten thousand people were wild!
There is also an ancient scripture, The Corpse Code, which is the secret of the skill in the Cult-refining Sect.
There are many secret methods in the Corpse Canon, and there are many exquisite things just like beating and tempering a war corpse.
War corpses are also hierarchical iron corpses, copper corpses, silver corpses and gold corpses …
Resin refining teaches Godsworn Tsukiji and then the real person can refine iron resin.
Copper resin needs to be refined to teach monks to step into Yuan Ying’s realm and cultivate Yuan Shen before it can be refined.
The darker the color of each battle corpse, the greater the strength and the more terrible the strength.
Like the white-shirted monk, this battle corpse power can compete with the pulse foundation!
Plus, this corpse is invulnerable to fire and water, and it is even more contaminated with corpse gas and ptomaine, even if it is based on veins, it will damage the foundation of this corpse.
Where did the white-shirted friar expect that this friar with fine eyes almost cut his corpse in two with a knife!
How powerful is this?
Friar Bai raised his eyes slightly and flashed a panic.
Then the white-shirted monk seemed to decide what to do, and he decided to run the secret technique of Zongmen by hand, bite the tip of his tongue and spit out a wound of JingXie falling into a corpse.
"Give me coagulation!"
Brother Bai has a light drink.
The shocking wound of the war corpse actually healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the green and black granulation grew wildly and knotted together.
The corpse roars a ferocious look!
At the same time, the monk in the white shirt became very weak, his eyes were dim, his body shook and he could fall at any time.
He patted the bag with the palm of his hand, pulled out a handful of Dan medicine and swallowed it before he regained some mental strength.
This is obviously a kind of occult technique similar to blood escape.
Sacrificing one’s own vitality potential to repair the wounds of war corpses and stimulate the outbreak of more powerful combat power of war corpses.
War corpse stretched out a pair of big hands and grasped the blade of blood quenching knife.
The blood quenching knife is in battle, and the body is being buried and covered by exhausted filthy flesh and blood, and the light of the blade is gradually fading.
Su Mo cold hum a knife!
The corpse split the palm with the blade and refused to let go, so it descended and spit out a mass of green and foul fog.
"Look out!"
Ji Yaoxue in the stone room woke up quickly.
Just now, the fog of this war corpse has abolished her extremely flying sword!
Not only that, but the corpse also opened its mouth and showed bloodstained fangs, biting Su Mo’s neck like a beast!
Su Mo frowned, loosened his blood and quenched his knife, and suddenly retreated.

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