武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 品茶 Zhou Wentong knew that Qian Million was the sword of Xiangzhuang, and it was intended to be Pei Gong. It was true that he wanted to catch Tang Yi or not, and it was true that Tang Yi and Zhou Jia were linked together.

Zhou Wentong knew that Qian Million was the sword of Xiangzhuang, and it was intended to be Pei Gong. It was true that he wanted to catch Tang Yi or not, and it was true that Tang Yi and Zhou Jia were linked together.

"Manager Zhou, you misunderstood me. I didn’t set up a private execution court. So did I catch him. Since it wasn’t Zhou’s instigation, I sent him to the public security bureau."
Qian Million said with a wry smile that he was sent to the Public Security Bureau, but he could still do something about it.
"In that case, I might as well go to the public security bureau with you, because I also want to report a person who became angry and instructed others to encircle each other after being found out that alcohol and drugs tried to confuse people and deliberately set up a game, and there are many other revelations."
Zhou Wentong knew it was time to kill her. She got up with a smile and went straight to Tang Yi’s side.
"By the way, the public security machine will definitely need evidence, and here I also have video evidence that he injured your father. According to the law, fighting for up to 15 days, and the crime of reasonable self-defense makes the drug abuse. I’m afraid this three-way trick is to be sentenced. Why don’t we take a look at the criminal together?"
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I snapped my fingers, and the office projector immediately made a clear picture and appeared in everyone’s eyes.
This is a picture of two dog secretly taking drugs and giving Qian Wanyao a hint that the picture is clearly taken by a mobile phone.
Similarly, in the end, the picture of Qian Wanyao commanding others to encircle Tang Yi is also very clear.
I’m blue in the face when I watch the video shouting Qian Wanyao’s money.
"By the way, I still have witness testimony here, especially the porcelain bottle with someone’s fingerprint stuck on it. I believe that the public security machine will definitely need the money very much. Let’s go at once, chairman. By the way, I will also call the city leaders. This is also a report. At least a banner should be issued."
When the picture was finished, Zhou Wentong smiled and waved a new material bag in his hand.
There are porcelain vases in it, which two dog took out of his arms.
According to two dog, Qian Wanyao, the porcelain vase, was also pinched and left with his fingerprints.
"I can’t believe that it turned out to be like this. It seems that I was wrong about my brother. This matter is that after my money is wrong, I will be disciplined and leave."
Qian Million never thought that Zhou Wentong, at a young age, had set up a bureau for himself and stayed here to meet bring disgrace to oneself.
He turned around and left, but his hatred grew stronger and stronger.
"This woman is really amazing."
But when Tang Yi looked at Zhou Wentong, he couldn’t help admiring her courage and resourcefulness, which really made people sit up and take notice.
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Penglai TV station lights up the sun lights, just like a small sun, which makes people know the difference between day and night.
Sitting on the landscape platform, Tang Yi looked forward to coming back again. Zhou Wentong once again changed a lux evening gift. She was sexy and enchanting.
"What happened just now was that I was too impulsive."
The frequency of women changing clothes is really fast. There are already three sets of clothes in such a short time.
"I know you don’t want to implicate others, but sometimes fists and fists can’t solve the problem, especially if this old fox doesn’t dig deeper, how can he jump in?"
Zhou Wentong has lived in this chaotic business war since she was a child, and she has seen too many tricks.
Qian Million, a sly old fox, is not a case. No fool can sit on hundreds of millions of funds.
Especially these rich generations, they all climb on others.
Their plot will never be short of money, and they will do whatever it takes.
"Okay, but I didn’t find out until today that I’m not suitable for city life or that the military camp is more suitable for me."
Tang Yi couldn’t help but sigh that the battlefield tactics are completely different from those in the business world. For Tang Yi, this is a world out of place.
"It’s just because you’re not in a place like this, or you’ll save the whole ship by yourself. If you’re calm in business, it will be even bigger, just like my father."
Zhou Wentong doesn’t think so. Some things are interoperable, just as she has been familiar with the art of war since she was a child. This should be in business wars.
However, Tang Yi has no intention to fight for hegemony in commercial war, otherwise he will surely become a generation of lean men.
"You really think highly of me, but I’m afraid the money family won’t finish calculating this time, and there won’t be any problems in the future."
Tang Yi is still a little worried about this money. I can see from his millions of eyes that he will never let it go.
"They won’t be finished when they come, because they are in arrears with the project payment and delay the government engineering office. We bought a lot of bad debts from him as soon as we entered, and at the same time, we also completed a lot of projects to benefit the people. This makes people dare to take over the smooth completion of the project. Both the government and the people support the appearance of our group, but for them, it is equivalent to disaster. From then on, they can no longer show off their strength, and it is even more impossible to threaten Party A with their own assets. If the money is millions, it is strange that they can tolerate it."
Before relying on the monopoly market, the rich accumulated the first bucket of gold, and constantly merged and swallowed up, and secretly destroyed competitors, making no group company in Northeast China to match.
However, the presence of Zhou’s group in the suspect has given Qian a blow, and the government also hopes that Zhou’s group can cut off Qian’s monopoly as soon as possible.
Money naturally wouldn’t be so crooked, and then just naturally competed with Zhou Tuan.
In Zhou Wentong’s view, this incident is just a fuse. Zhou and Qian’s bombs will explode sooner or later.
"Well, I didn’t expect the business world to be so complicated."
After listening to Nai, Tang Yi said that he could not stay here for a long time, but Zhou Wentong’s performance just now was really staggering.
"By the way, how did you show up here this time to celebrate your sister’s birthday? Why haven’t you seen your comrades?"
I don’t want to discuss this issue. Zhou Wentong looked at Tang Yi with her chin cupped.
After what happened, she probably knew that Tang Yi came here for a girl’s birthday. What about her own brother?
"He died."
When talking about Sun Le, Tang Yi’s expression was dim again.
Zhou Wentong really hates himself. Why isn’t that pot?
"I’m sorry"
How did the double high EQ and IQ disappear again? She has made two mistakes in such a short time.
"Nothing. I had to give her a birthday, but I didn’t expect it to be like this."
Tang Yi sighed. Life and death often belong to soldiers like them.
It is for this reason that he hurried to celebrate Sun Simiao’s birthday, but unexpectedly Qian Wanyao ruined it.

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