武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 夜网 "To recover to the king! Life or death! " Hanyang Wang finally could not help shouting.

"To recover to the king! Life or death! " Hanyang Wang finally could not help shouting.

I don’t want to keep my word, a cufflink crossbow comes like rain. The goal is that all the horses are screaming and moaning one after another. Hanyang Wang is frightened and flustered, and he is about to curse. Who knows, the mounts are also raising their hooves and moaning bitterly, and his hooves are raising their madness and running out.
"Your Majesty!"
The pro-Wei Hanyang princess is not frightened to disgrace!
You know, King Hanyang’s mount is one in a thousand. Once he is injured, he will go crazy. In the mountainous and mountainous areas in the south, if he falls off his horse, even if he doesn’t die, he will be hurt …
"Still the leng wear what to do! Don’t hurry to chase! " Princess Hanyang shouted in disgust
They woke up from a rude awakening and hurriedly rushed to recover.
All a dozen horses were attacked by Lian Ze and others, and there was nothing left to run! King Jia Hanyang rides a horse that is a thousand miles away, and ordinary horse roots can’t catch it!
However, it’s even more difficult for the pro-guards to pursue lightness skill!
By the time they finally chased after a large forest and two ravines, the injured horse had already disappeared and saw Hanyang Wang lying unconscious in the disorderly grass …
They carried the king of Hanyang back, and Princess Hanyang and Little World and Little Princess couldn’t help crying when they saw such a situation.
At this time, it’s past Shenshi, and the sun will drag the shadow of the mountain to the west, and half of the mountains will still shine, and half of them will be gloomy and blue-gray, which will make people feel sad with such crying.
They were all silent, and their minds were reminded of four words: the end of the road …
King Hanyang woke up that night, but there was no way to get up, let alone walk.
All ambitions, all unwilling to vanish in an instant, Hanyang King cried out in pain and fainted again on the spot.
He can lie in bed for the rest of his life, and he still talks about fighting and sitting on the mountain!
After all these years of careful planning, it turned out to be such a result that he would be willing!
Hanyang princess at this time but showed a rare decision sighed and advised him, "report forget it! We still have some money, so let’s find someone to live a good life! Even if you don’t think for yourself, you have to think for two children! How can they bear to be such a little prince! "
Hanyang Wang glanced at the bed. A Shuang’er daughter was only twelve years old and her daughter was only six years old. She sighed and closed her eyes and said, "Do it at your will!"
What can I do as a cripple …
"It’s a report! Wang Ye can rest assured that after we settle down, we will be able to cure Wang Ye by asking about visiting famous doctors slowly! " That’s what Princess Hanyang wanted. When he finally said this, he was relieved and comforted, so he went out and arranged not to give him any chance to go back on his word!
Princess Hanyang went out with the little world to order the side princess of Qin and the little princess to serve the king of Hanyang.
Saw Chu and ordered him to call all the pro-guards to tell the story of Hanyang King again and sighed, "Now the report has become like this, and the city has fallen out of control!" Your majesty is going to find a quiet place to recuperate. You all go separately! Look at Wang Ye’s kindness, please keep your mouth shut about the past, let alone reveal Wang Ye’s whereabouts, please! "
Princess Hanyang, with a small life, saluted all the pro-health, so that everyone hurriedly knelt down and repeatedly claimed not to dare.
It’s already known that there is no future to follow Hanyang Wang. Secondly, I’m afraid Hanyang Wang can’t afford it, so they swore in front of Hanyang Princess and the little man that they would never reveal Hanyang Wang’s half sentence and say goodbye in small groups.
Yu Chu stayed with five or six Hanyang kings.
Rao is a person who is willing to be dismissed by Princess Hanyang. However, watching all the people leave one by one, thinking about the past glory and high spirits still can’t help but feel lost and shed a few tears.
Since then, there has never been a Hanyang King on Sunday.
"Missing" is his last game.
Besides, Lian Ze and others don’t know what happened to Hanyang Wang and his party behind them, and they know that they rushed out of more than 30 miles on horseback to make sure that there was no pursuer behind them before they stopped slowly to let people and horses take a breath.
Fortunately, except for two or three injuries, everyone was slightly injured, and it was easy to treat and bandage them slightly.
In order to avoid any accident from happening again, although it was getting darker and darker, everyone decided to move on until they entered.
That night, it was not until the middle of the month that Lianze and his party entered Nanhai County.
Although the door has already been closed, it is not difficult for Lian Ze to use the token issued by Li Fu to knock on the door.
After entering the posthouse, everyone was exhausted and wolfed down a simple hot soup and hot rice, washed at will and rested separately.
Even ze hold Xu Yiyun shoulders face smile finally took a few minutes sincerely relax "let’s this is into the house rest assured from here to the south China sea city will never meet any danger! Cloud, here we are at last! We will see our son in two or three days! "
Somehow, Xu Yiyun burst into tears with a hot eye socket, and nodded and sobbed, "Yes, we are here at last!" "
That night, the posthouse sent people to fly to Nanhai City to inform Li Fu and Lian Fangzhou.
Two days later, when Lian Ze and Xu Yiyun and his party arrived, Lian Fangzhou and Li Fu knew for a long time that they were leading Yi Er to meet them. Chapter 1464 The only thing that was not satisfactory was that.
Lian Ze and Xu Yiyun haven’t greeted Lian Fangzhou and Li Fuhang before. Yi Er waved his arms from the nurse’s arms and shouted happily, "Mother! Niang! " Struggled hard and jumped at it
"Yier!" Xu Yiyun’s heart instantly softened into a mass of water, and she held her son tightly in her arms and kissed his little face again and again, and tears overflowed unconsciously.
Even Fang Zhou didn’t feel a little sad when he looked at it. He was also a mother naturally. Xu Yiyun smiled slightly and smiled at Lian Ze. "My sister’s heart is finally released when you come back!" Yiyun is looking at losing a lot of weight and going back to have a good rest. She is still young, so don’t break her body! "
"That’s what I thought, too. Sister is thoughtful!" Even ze smiles and knows silly joy.
At that time, Xu Yiyun was in a stable mood and busy. I’m sorry to meet Fang Zhou before.
Even Fang Zhou held her gently with a smile. "Come on, don’t be so good. You suffered a lot in Beijing, didn’t you? It’s hard for you! Our family will be together in the future! It also saves us from worrying about each other! That taste is really unpleasant! "
Xu Yiyun a warm heart nodded with a smile "elder sister said it was really bad! I hope we won’t suffer from it in the future! "
Even Fang Zhou smiled and held her hand and gently squeezed it. They smiled at each other.
They have already been packed and arranged in the hospital. Xu Yiyun looked at her husband with her son in her arms, and her heart was full of satisfaction.
Who knows that after a short rest, I slept until dinner time.
Dinner is naturally a family reunion, talking and laughing, and adding a few interesting children’s childish words. The peaceful, beautiful and serene atmosphere makes everyone feel a little trance.
How long has it been? The family is not so warm and reunited in one place?
However, this reunion is actually not complete, because no one even knows about it!
It is at this moment that everyone knows this fact in their hearts, but no one goes
After dinner, I prefer to digest gossip in the hall.
Listen to Lian Ze talking about meeting the king of Hanyang outside Nanhai County. Even Fang Zhou’s heart is a sudden jump. Huo Ran’s eyes flashed and Li Fu held her hand and gently squeezed it to show his peace of mind.
Even Fangzhou barely smiled. "Hanyang Wang’s family is predestined friends and has just left us, but I have touched you again! Fortunately, you all appeared in front of my eyes, otherwise I wouldn’t let him go even to the ends of the earth! "
Cui Shaoxi couldn’t help saying, "Hanyang Wang took 100 cronies out of Nanhai County. That’s his last card. Are you afraid of death and have trouble with you?"
Since Hanyang Adam Wang came to Cui Shaoxi in Nanhai County, he has been hiding out of sight and dare not stir up.
After all, Cui’s family is constantly involved with the royal family. If Cui Shaoxi shows up, Hanyang King won’t try to do anything through him. Cui Shaoxi doesn’t want to get involved, and he doesn’t want to get into trouble with Cui.
Even Fang Zhou and Li Fu understood his identity and hid him well until they all left.
Even Ze stayed with his wife and children all afternoon and didn’t know what happened to Hanyang King in Nanhai County.

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