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Who says businessmen have no temper and don’t commit crimes?

"Let my old friends laugh. I’ll deal with those young people!"
Chen Shaobai dumped them and motioned for the other party to leave him alone.
"Come on, let’s go and see where the younger generation of just three refined arrays can get arrogant money."
When the two men sprinted for three or five breaths, they crossed the main hall, wing villa, courtyard, flower pond and beast valley and came to the visitor’s hall.
There are three seemingly young demons, who have been sitting in the special seats for the duke and VIPs.
On the left, a demon king is dressed in white with a white face and a folding fan in his hand, and on the right, a woman is smiling like a flower, and her mind is not strong. When she sees her at first sight, she will be involuntarily possessed by demons.
Both of them are extraordinary and unforgettable, but the man sitting in the middle is dwarfed by them.
The man was dressed in Zijin armor, playing with Zijin sword with one hand, wearing Zijin shirt, and looking at Chen Shaobai Ranyou with a pair of Zijin pupils. He was like Zijin casting, born with a ray of enemy flavor.
The three demon kings are all quenching gas and refining the top level of the array, but Chen Shaobai feels that this Zijin man is a king, a general and a handsome man, while the next two are ministers, soldiers and soldiers.
It’s not just a question of identity and background. This Zijin youth definitely has the strength to kill!
"It’s a good opponent!"
Chen Shaobai’s eyes, nose, eyes and heart are like a wall, but a fierce fighting spirit has already burned in his eyes
A road made of blood and minced meat spread from the gate to the purlin, but all the maids and maids who spoke out and questioned the three were bombed and killed.
What ….. They even failed to escape their souls and were completely lost in heaven and earth.
"Should be able to fight?" Chen Shaobai looked hopefully in the direction of the government.
Where do I know that the angry Ranyou saw this Zijin youth just like seeing a fierce cat and mouse? It seems that there is not much smiling face hanging on the fat face immediately. "I don’t know if it is really far to meet you! I still hope to forgive! "
Gui yi!
Hearing this name, Chen Shaobai finally came for nothing. Why did Ran You behave like this?
Although Lord Gui is a four-fold monk who quenched his breath, he has a proud record of killing evil fire monks in the second order. This strength is put on the ground and can be compared with Fang Tangjing, Situ Yutang, Taishilin and Wu Nanyan.
If that’s all, will Ran have awe of each other’s strength, even if he can’t beat them, can’t he run?
But in fact, Gui’s status has decided that when he wants to kill a person in double purgatory, that person is not even qualified to escape.
Him! This laurel ruin is a purgatory double monty emperor! Not pineapple to Murphy!
"Goblins don’t have the ability to reproduce, even the fairyland avatar can’t change that, can it? But I don’t know what this guy is catalyzed by the secret method … "
Chen Shaobai eyes peep out one silk ponder se wait and see.
However …
A bite of Gui’s wounds will surprise everyone.
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Chapter two hundred and forty Who is more arrogant than who?
Chapter two hundred and forty Who is more arrogant than who?
Chapter two hundred and forty Who is more arrogant than who?
"Kill yourself."
Gui regression fingers lightly ran said.
How arrogant it is to rush to someone else’s mansion and let the Lord commit suicide!
"Is this guy insane?" Chen Shaobai raised his eyelids and looked at the magic queen.
He has to admit that this guy is really domineering with a natural imperial majesty, but anyone who cultivates magic will involuntarily give birth to a minister’s intention at the first sight of Gui’s wounds, as if Gui’s wounds were born to achieve the magic emperor.
"I wonder if I can do something wrong and make the imperial palace angry?"
Ranyou’s face twitched with fat, and his heart gave birth to a trace of anger, and then he pressed it to offer a bag in a servile manner.
Although he loves doing business, the Five Heavenly Devils have his own dignity. If it weren’t for this laurel wound, the descendants of the magic emperor would be directly affiliated with him, even the real evil fire monk Ran You would have to fight with him.
But now he can’t do that.
Don’t kill each other, even if it makes Gui’s wounds feel a little uncomfortable, he won’t have any good fruit to eat.
You know, this is the site of the demon emperor in purgatory!
Conveniently took the bag and browsed it. It seems a little surprised that Gui’s eyelids gently stirred up. "Is it fifty million Lingshi?" You are richer than I killed that evil fire. It’s a good way to make money … "
"I’m flattered by the emperor" brimming with discomfort in his chest, Ran You had to pay for his smiling face even though his heart was dripping with blood.
"But … you still have to die."
Gui’s talk is tepid, but it smells like a heavenly pardon. A word and a heavenly law determine the lives of the people.
A demon king in fairy fog has worked hard for thousands of years to build a magic emperor, but he got a result. In any case, this Zijin youth has gone too far
Ran You suddenly raised his head, and the pair of Zijin Se eyes looked at each other for a moment, then they were oppressed by power and tilted their heads, but they were still extremely unwilling. "What?"
"I promised others that there is no reason to give up halfway."
Gui Yan cast a meaningful look at the woman beside him, and all Ran You’s efforts were wasted in one sentence.
That is to say, the 50 million Lingshi is gone.
"Zall turned out to be you two little people to the party!"
Looking at a pair of men and women around Zijin youth, Ran was angry, and the veins stood out on his forehead, and his neck became thick. The whole person looked as if his head and belly were connected into a big ball, and his whole body seemed to be about to suddenly and violently kill people.
There’s a saying in purgatory …
Guishang will kill the city if he doesn’t make moves

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