武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 品茶论坛 "When the source brother enters the group, let the source brother personally come and give him a face!"

"When the source brother enters the group, let the source brother personally come and give him a face!"

"yes! But why hasn’t the elder brother of the source come in … "
Looking at the screen, these noisy comments pop up. Mo Tianyuan touched his nose and changed the qq group setting to "receive messages but don’t wake up". He threw it into the table and turned to take out the class and listened to the teacher’s lecture.
How dare you say that it’s always an excavator …
I am riding a dragon!
A bunch of blind guys who don’t know the true god … Forget it. Ignore them.
Night lessons just as Mo Tianyuan was preparing to write during the day, the decoration industry suddenly felt that the mobile phone shook.
I took out my mobile phone and flipped through it, only to find that the owner of the Tiancheng Division of the Super League was in the rematch of the Aite Division!
Seeing this, he quickly put away his job and put the mobile phone worker on the desk.
"Lie trough! The rematch is on! " Su Heng in the back row excitedly rang in the quiet classroom. Dozens of pairs of eyes, large and small, in the smell speech class came to life from the state of drowsiness and pretending to read.
"That’s not hurry! Who are we in the top 15? It’s better to let everyone know if you attend one soon. "
"Yes, yes! Don’t wait until later to study late! "
Chapter 331 The first round of the semi-finals!
"Runners, first of all, congratulations on your success in the Tiancheng Division. After receiving 1, we will start the rematch of the Tiancheng Division of the Super League. Let’s get ready." A remark was made by the administrator of imi36.
"Our rules for this rematch are as follows: in the first round of rematch, the free matching mode of group players will be adopted, and the winner of the winner will be awarded a certain diamond award. Then, in the second round, the first player with the total score will be selected from the members of the body to obtain the final settlement and ranking qualification for the rematch, and a certain diamond award will be awarded according to the ranking order of this second round of settlement and ranking competition."
"And in the end, the first player will get a place to participate in the October Sea Line Finals!"
Read the rules of the game carefully and Mo Tianyuan nodded his head.
According to the rules of the rematch, the first round of the player’s play should actually be lively, but it is so-called to win and lose, but at the same time, the settlement points obtained in this first round of play depend on whether you can participate in the second round of the rematch. If you can’t even make it to the second round of the rematch, don’t even think about it.
And the second round of semi-finals is very important, because it will determine whether it can qualify for the final.
Generally speaking, it is clear.
Just then, a message suddenly popped up in the chat bar of the group, "Night Thousand Wounds has joined the group …"
Suddenly the group fried the pot inside.
"Lie trough! The first god in the preliminary round is coming! "
"Hello, Great God, sign your name for me!"
"Idiot! How to sign your name through the screen of your mobile phone? "
"Well, I mean, let the great god sign it and send it to the group. Isn’t that enough?"
"It’s strange that the first god in the preliminary round has come. Why hasn’t the elder brother of the source come in yet …"
"Maybe I changed my vest to dive."
However, this "thousand wounds in the dark night" seems to be very cold. Without saying a word, silence is golden and he has a unique golden mountain.
Mo Tianyuan looked at his profile and saw that he had never seen an avatar before. It seems that there is no such person in his circle of friends, and he shook his head in frustration.
Mo Tianyuan chose Nana and Purple Winged Dragon for his role and mount respectively. Although the score of the combination of cycling teenagers was very bad at this time, he personally felt that the feel of cycling was not as good as that of Shenlong. He didn’t want to fail in the first round of the second round of semi-finals.
Soon 1: 00 hit.
Then a player whose id is "piss in the wind" appears in his match.
"Ah … vulgar"
Mo Tianyuan picked his eyebrows and expressed his contempt for this id. Not much to say, he directly sprinted and decided to let this windward guy wet his shoes with the wind.
"Wow ha ha! I matched the opponent turned out to be this small! "
In a shabby high school far away in urban and rural areas, a blackboard in front of the classroom says "study hard and work hard every day", and a teenager in the back of the classroom looks at the id on his mobile phone with his head in the shape of killing Matt, which is just like seeing the lottery winning in his hand.
Next to him, a wretched man with a bamboo pole secretly fiddled with his mobile phone in class, sprinting towards 3 kilometers at a track of more than 2,000 meters. This is not a loud surprise. The conditioned reflex usually stuffed the mobile phone into the garbage bag on the desk, and then a pair of petty thieves looked at it quietly outside the classroom window. When he came to react, he didn’t wake up because the teacher came, but he couldn’t help but turn the mobile phone out of the garbage bag in depression.
Of course, the track in the mobile phone stopped abruptly when it was just thrown into the garbage bag.
"What’s the matter?"
Although the in the mind to kill Matt yelling a little uncomfortable, but bamboo man seems to be a little afraid of killing Matt next to it, so he just asked with a little curiosity.
Kill Matt smell speech with a smug face and put the mobile phone in front of the bamboo pole. "Look who my opponent is …"
"Who is it?" The strength of bamboo pole man’s cool running is not very high, and he can only run for two or three kilometers. Naturally, he failed to enter the top 15 in Tiancheng. After the preliminary round, he was envious and jealous of killing Matt and getting into the top 15 in Tiancheng.
But for the qq group where the top 15 preliminary masters in Tiancheng are located, he is very interested in getting the group number from killing Matt several times, but every time he is rejected by the upright administrator.
Of course, he also knows that the first round of semi-finals will be held today. At this moment, after hearing that the game seems to have been finished, he put down his mobile phone and leaned over to look at the screen of killing Matt’s mobile phone.
"Small machinery?" The bamboo pole man asked with a shock, "Is it the guy who questioned Zhai Ying in the group these two days?"
"That’s right! That’s him! "
Killing Matt seems to be in a good mood and seems to be excited about being able to match this opponent.
"This little girl even dares to question the big myth of Zhai Ying. It is simply that newborn calves are not afraid of tigers! He doesn’t even know Zhai Ying’s expectation, and it’s not a big deal. I abused him in this game and eliminated him. It’s a small lesson! "
Bamboo pole man followed by chimed in, "Yes, yes, Wang Ge, when the time comes, you will eliminate this small machine in the first round of rematch, and then send screenshots to the group to let the other top 15 players have a good time. By the way, you can also leave a good impression on Zhai Ying’s great god, and maybe you can add it to Zhai Ying’s great god qq! I haven’t seen that since this mechanical little question was sent out, the Great God Zhai Ying has not been very active in the group these two days. It must have been angered by this mechanical little! "
Killing Matt nodded and said to himself, "Old man can run a 20,000-meter man in classic mode. It shouldn’t be difficult to abuse this small machine. When the time comes, Zhai Ying, a great god, is happy to introduce me to the Wind Club. Maybe gnome male-"…
"Ha ha! Then I will congratulate my brother before! " Beside him, the bamboo pole man sent a congratulatory message.
Killing Matt was in a good mood and casually waved his hand and smiled. "Today is good luck. Let me get together with this abusive person in our group. It is his bad luck. Whether I can be favored by Zhai Ying depends on this game."
Then he glanced disdainfully at the id in his mobile phone.
Hehe, the machinery is small. I must turn you into a pile of scrap metal in this bureau!
332 Chapter 332 Mourning Zhaiying
As far away as Tiancheng No.1 Middle School, I have been looking for a class’s main mobile phone for the past two days, but I ended up in a dusty face. Zhai Ying is looking at her side with a begging eye. She has a freckled face like a flower. "It’s good to lend me a good Fangfang mobile phone once. Now the game is coming, and my mobile phone is in our class leader’s place. I can rely on you …"
The younger sister smiled with a shy face and low head, and her face was as dense as the stars in a clear night. At this moment, freckles also outlined an unknown constellation. "Now you know how to ask others?" That person said something the other day … Do you promise or not? "
Zhai Ying stared at that younger sister’s face out of the corner of her eye, but she couldn’t help but sweep the corner of her eyes. She felt a little bit of sulking in her chest, and from time to time she wanted to turn it over from her stomach and cry, "Fangfang wants you to lend me your mobile phone this time. You said a few days ago that you would let me do what your boyfriend did for two days … and I agreed!"
With that, he couldn’t help feeling a twinge of regret. He just wanted to take this nightmare back and saw the younger sister with a face of surprise and turned his head to himself. "You have to keep your word. It’s the first love. You should take good care of people these two days …"
After that, she handed Zhai Ying a mobile phone with an apple icon engraved with I don’t know who bit her, and she also carefully gave Zhai Ying a "cool run every day" like a little wife who took care of her husband.
However, Zhai Ying was not half happy at this time, and took over the younger sister’s mobile phone, which was not bad, and she thought of the coming darkness. Zhai Ying felt very sad that her mobile phone was taken away in her heart for two days …
Class 4, Grade 3, No.7 Middle School should have been quietly preparing for the college entrance examination next year. At this time, the quiet classroom is as usual, and the focus of discussion is naturally the first round of rematch of the Super League Tiancheng.

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