武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 夜网 "Girl, my master has another business to talk to you about. Would you like to?" A hundred miles away, a smile bent on her lips.

"Girl, my master has another business to talk to you about. Would you like to?" A hundred miles away, a smile bent on her lips.

"There is business?" Muhuan one leng and then some hearts are not rich but can meet "Mr. Nine"
"My master also wants to know whether there is an army hidden in Xilin Yuwan area. How many people are there in this army?" Baili Mo Xu put a silver ticket in front of Muhuan. "This is a deposit girl. Take a good look at who is stirring there. The more detailed the news, the better the March limit."
"good!" Muhuanshuang answered quickly.
"The Lord forgot one thing. I met Lord Su in Xueman Palace!" Hummingbirds and beasts suddenly looked up.
"What? !” Muhuan DengYuan eyes looked at the mouth full of fruit articulation unclear hummingbirds and beasts seriously doubt that they heard wrong.
"True Sue door main snow diffuse palace! Although he changed, I argued that his breath was definitely his right! Look, he’s been in there for a long time. "Hummingbirds and beasts swallowed the fruit in their mouths, which makes it very clear.
"Then do you know what he does inside? See a doctor for someone? " Muhuan felt that his brain was not enough. On that day, Su Yiming left without saying anything. It was more than half a month since I heard from him. She had been at large. There was something for him to deal with. I never thought that he would go to Xueman Palace. How many royal families did Su Yiming associate with?
"Maybe it’s treating people. That snowy Yan Guifei seems to have been ill for many years. I think Su Menzhu heard that Yan Guifei was very popular with the emperor in her palace. Now, although she is old and has been sick all the time, the emperor visits me in her palace every day and secretly follows the emperor to Yan Guifei’s palace, so I found Su Menzhu, but I didn’t stay there for a long time because I was busy checking the master’s office." Hummingbirds and beasts simply said things.
"Is there anything left unsaid?" Muhuan patted the hummingbird’s head.
"It’s gone. It’s gone."
"Then you go to the lake to clean and rest early!" Mu Huan smiled and pointed to its belly. "You can’t eat any more. Look at your belly!"
"Then I went to play with water!" Hummingbirds and beasts quickly jumped to the edge of the pavilion and jumped into the lake with a bulging belly.
"What did it say?" Thyme devoted to watching hummingbirds and beasts fall into the lake and sensitively found something wrong with Muhuan’s look.
"It says it met Daming in the snowy palace." Muhuan didn’t hide it. After all, Mr. Jiu is a trustworthy person in her heart. Besides, Su Yiming is a friend now, but there are many things that don’t know about each other. Su Yiming is also an ambitious person. It is clear from Muhuan that she doesn’t know what Su Yiming wants.
"Sumen main snow man palace?" Thyme devoted to warm heart suspicious face but didn’t reveal the wrong "I heard that cold kunyang favorite YanGuiFei sick for many years, is he please Sue door Lord to see YanGuiFei? Now the fame of the Sumen Lord is getting bigger and bigger! If this Xiaoyao Gate regains the title of the first sect in the Jianghu in a few months, the Master of Su Gate is likely to become a guest of various royal families, and the Girl Fire Xuan Corps is now famous. In the future, you two will surely become royal reds. Chapter 377 Mr. Go!
"Hummingbirds and beasts say the same thing. I didn’t expect that Leng Kunyang was still an infatuated master to be so kind to himself as a noble concubine." Muhuan reluctantly took the lead at the corner of his mouth. "I really don’t like dealing with royalty."
Speaking of which, Muhuan lowered his head and his voice was a little low. "I hoped that the Fire Xuan Legion could win a place in the Jianghu and protect my mother’s food and clothing. If it is really confusing with the royal family in the future, it is better not to build it."
"Girl sometimes the so-called seclusion is not really able to stay away from right and wrong, just like the rich families are no longer interested in heaven, but who has really let go of the family? If you want to be stable and secluded in the troubled times, it is not the best choice to be strong and powerful, so that others can’t underestimate and dare not start work on you easily. Only in this way can you really be safe and worry, and you don’t have to think too much about these things, Su Menzhu will certainly handle them properly. "
I don’t know Muhuan’s thoughts. This girl always likes to be free and easy. Now Su Yiming is pulling her closer and closer to the snow, and the royal family makes her feel unhappy in the process of dealing with people like Changfeng Ao and Changfeng Muyu. If Su Yiming secretly goes back and forth with Muhuan, there will be speculation and determination.
Bailimo Xu just wanted to calm down a few words, but suddenly he felt the chill rushing from the heart, and naturally there was a sharp increase in pain every day. Now this method of poison is getting more and more prosperous. Although it can also discharge a small amount of toxin through exercise, Bailimo Xu must meditate and adjust his breath every day and night, otherwise the poison will invade the heart, and every inch of it will go deep into the bone marrow like thousands of silver needles. Bailimo Xu immediately closed his mouth and secretly took a deep breath to prevent Muhuan from finding her breath disordered. Tonight, I thought about seeing her and trying to eliminate her barriers, but I let go of this exercise and detoxification so that I could suffer.
"Yes, Daming will dispose of it, and I’m too lazy to think about it." Muhuan secretly decided to wait for the unborn child to be born and find a chance to leave her. She vaguely felt that Su Yiming’s pursuit was definitely not as simple as the first sect in the Jianghu. If he had been with him all the time, he would not be involved in something. Su Yiming had already revealed his heart to himself. Since he didn’t want to accept him, he couldn’t delay him.
"Su’s young master has his own ideas. If a girl doesn’t like publicity, she might as well just tell him that you are going to live together after all. It’s better to say something than to rest assured." At this time, Li Mo Xu’s eyes are covered with a layer of fog, and he can’t see his future. I hope he will try his best to hold back the pain and say such a thing, even if he can’t accompany Muhuan in the future, and he will be even more uneasy if she is protected by Su Yiming.
"Sir, I always consider a lot, which makes me grateful." Muhuan looked up at Baili Mo Xu’s eyes with tenderness.
This kind of eyes made the heart of a hundred miles warm and stirred, and I held Muhuan softly when I stretched out my hand. "Girl, never say thank you to me. I already feel that it is the greatest blessing in life to meet you. Although I can look at you from a distance like this, I also feel very heartfelt. Do you have any selfishness in doing these things? I always hope that girls will remember me and remember me occasionally in the future! "
"Sir, your hand is so cold? Are you sick? " Mu Huan was first frightened by the cold in his palm. Looking back, it seems that he is so cold when he approaches himself from his moat today.
Remember when Gu Tai walked with Mr. Jiu himself, and didn’t think his temperature was so low at that time? Maybe Mr. Nine is ill? In a panic, Mu Huan held his hand in the dark and stared at his face in the night, only to find that he was really thin. "Sir, are you sick?"
I feel that Muhuan is worried about the warmth in her heart. I can’t help but feel that I want to hold her in my arms, but I’m afraid that I can’t control myself and will reveal too much emotion, which makes her suspicious. In the end, Baili Moxu raised her other hand and patted Muhuan’s hand gently. "The girl thinks too much. That’s how I practice martial arts. The higher the number of courses, the lower my body temperature."
"But I really think Mr. Thin" MuHuan still don’t trust.
"There are too many things recently. I was born to work hard and run around!" Thyme smiled and took back his hand.
"Sir, if it’s too hard, please retire and go home. Play with your mother and find a woman you really like to live a small life …" Muhuan didn’t say that before he finished, and he felt that it was not right for a character like Mr. Nine, even if he really said he was the master, I’m afraid his master would not let him go easily.
"The girl is that I am old? !” Li Mo Xu raised his hand and touched his face with an exaggerated sigh. "It seems that I am really old in front of such flowers as an old girl."
"I’m just saying casually that Mr. Wang can make an excuse." Muhuan immediately smiled.
"I am the family member from my hand, even if I am old and dead, I belong to that family. Where can I retire?" Bailimo Xu got up with a smile and looked up at the moonlight. "It’s very late in the middle of the month. It’s time for the girl to rest after a tired day."
"Sir, will you leave early in the morning?" Muhuan also got up and slowly walked outside the pavilion.
"Leave early in the morning"
"Then I won’t send it."

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