武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 桑拿洗浴 The parting day finally came. On the eve of returning to China, the exchange students from Huxiang University held a farewell party. Qin Sishui also said that he would not cry, but he had not waited for the plane to come to see me off. Mrs. Delis was crying in her arms, so she easily hugged the alumni who came to bid farewell and said blessings to each other. Seeing that argus Tini’s eyes were red, Qi Nan almost had the urge to cry, but he tried to control his emotions so that the tears would not fall and the men would not leave.

The parting day finally came. On the eve of returning to China, the exchange students from Huxiang University held a farewell party. Qin Sishui also said that he would not cry, but he had not waited for the plane to come to see me off. Mrs. Delis was crying in her arms, so she easily hugged the alumni who came to bid farewell and said blessings to each other. Seeing that argus Tini’s eyes were red, Qi Nan almost had the urge to cry, but he tried to control his emotions so that the tears would not fall and the men would not leave.

The plane took off. Qinan looked out the window at Naples, which was getting smaller and smaller. His mood finally calmed down. I will come back to Naples. When I come back, I will come with a new look. Qinan can only hear the sound in his heart, shouting goodbye to Naples and goodbye to Oriental University. The plane flew into the sky and sprinkled Qinan’s heart in Naples.
When the plane landed at Shanghai Pudong Airport, Qinan’s mood became excited again. When she stepped on the motherland and looked around at her with the same skin color, people thought that she would see his simple and lovely Xiu Xiu in a few hours. Qinan had a heartfelt happiness, but Qin’s watery mood was not high, because she knew that returning to China meant that Qinan would no longer protect her, but that she wanted to live by herself. On the one hand, she was shy, and on the other hand, she had a huge doubt in her heart. That night, she was in a daze, as if she heard Qina whispering other girls’ names when she was moving around her. No wonder she always felt that Qina sometimes seemed to deliberately avoid their feelings. Does he really have a girlfriend? Since that happened, Qin seems to have a strange panic in his heart. What should he do if he really has a girlfriend? I have never really known him as a lover, which is a lie to outsiders. Although she can sometimes see deep affection in Qi Na’s eyes, more often she sees his confusion and struggle.
At this time, a group of people have already stepped back to the Changsha plane. Qin Yishui looked at the side and was in a state of repose.
At the exit of Changsha Huanghua Airport, a dozen luxury sports cars lined up neatly and stopped at the side of the road. A group of sunglasses men surrounded a middle-aged man who looked very fierce and domineering, which group company boss was so ostentatious?
This man is Qin candlestick. Last night was his favorite time in these years. Because he never called his baby daughter, he called him for the first time. Although there was a short sentence "Meet me at the airport tomorrow", he was ecstatic enough.
Rao, in recent years, he has done his kung fu well enough. Last night, he stayed up all night. Early this morning, he took Xiao Canghai and a bunch of capable people to meet people at Huanghua Airport in the future. Although he has been waiting here for four or five hours, he has no impatience, which makes some untrue hands behind him sigh who has such a big face that Qin Ye can wait like this in Changsha.
A charming and familiar figure appeared at the exit. Qin candlestick suddenly looked a little timid at the one not far away, who let him take care of his baby daughter all his life. He couldn’t move his feet. He just stood there with tears in his eyes until his daughter came to him.
w w w
"You’re here?" Qin Yishui looked at the father who hated him so much that she didn’t want to talk to him. She suddenly found sadly that the hair on the temples of the domineering father in her memory turned out to be a little gray. It turned out that her father was old, too. Seeing her father’s tearful eyes, Qin Sishui’s heart became soft. Maybe it was wrong for Qina to tell her that she had always loved her father.
How many years has Qin candlestick’s lips wriggled and his mood stirred but he didn’t speak? How many years has my daughter not spoken to herself? What changed my daughter so much? Is it because of this young man around her who was sent to protect her? Several questions lingered in Qin’s mind, but at this time he didn’t think much about his daughter’s willingness to accept himself as more important than anything else.
"Let’s go home." The daughter’s voice rang in Qin candlestick’s ear again, making Qin candlestick go home with tears in his eyes again! ! ! What a warm word! My daughter is finally going home. Qin candlestick and frantically knocked on the car door in person, watching her father’s every move. Tears finally fell like a flood.
Next to a bunch of Hunan alumni, they were surprised to see the luxurious ostentation and extravagance in front of them. It turned out that Qin was so rich at home like water. They looked at Qi Na with something different in their eyes. How could such a beautiful woman with such a rich family let Qi Na touch this little thing?
A bunch of people are also stained with Qin’s watery light. Xiao Canghai sent someone to send Qin’s watery classmates to their respective places. Qi Nan was personally transported by car to the place where Qi Nan lived, where he and Xiu Xiu shared a home.
I’m back! ! ! ! Xiu Xiu! ! !
Volume II
Chapter ninety Silly girl Xiu Xiu
When Qinan returned to his residence, it was already in the evening, nearly June, and Changsha was already a little hot. Today, the weather was also surprisingly good. A touch of sunset in the Western Heaven seemed to spread like a young woman with a strong charm in ancient times. There are two sunset clouds hanging at the end of the sunset, which are lined with vast and humid days. It seems that when a young woman is in love, someone needs to kiss her wet lips. The place where the sunset shines is dim, and occasionally there are a few cool winds, but it is like intimate contact with the lonely and shallow moon among the stars-just like a boudoir and a dissatisfied housewife in the shape of a willow leaf eyebrow-talking is better than.
Qina didn’t make a phone call to tell Xiu Xiu that he was going to give Xiu Xiu a surprise. Qina asked Xiao Canghai to park his car on the corner and pull his suitcase along the street to the small building alone.
When I arrived at the building, I happened to meet Cai Yi Jina, who was going out to buy things. He quickly stopped preparing for a big greeting. Cai Yi pointed to the building and signaled that he was going to give Xiu Xiu a surprise. Cai Yi silence said that he knew that he told Jina that Xiu Xiu was watching TV in the building.
Looking at the funny romantic young man who crept upstairs to Qinan Cai Yi and gave a knowing smile! ! ! Aunt Cai’s thoughts can’t help but drift to the time when her husband pursued himself, and there were also people like them who were a little silly and romantic. I sincerely wish the kind young people happiness.
To the floor JiNa found that the door just didn’t JiNa side head to visit the house carefully little girl is sitting on the sofa, but my girl’s eyes don’t pour into the vision, but in the hands of the mobile phone sofa orientation is facing the door Xiu Xiu won’t find gingerly walked in JiNa.
Walking behind Xiu Xiu, he was deeply moved by the sight in his eyes. It turned out that Xiu Xiu was leafing through every message and chat message she and Jina had these days. Xiu Xiu looked at her face and exuded a sweet smile. The tide flooded every corner of Jina’s body. This silly girl! ! ! ! ! ! Is this how she spends every day and night thinking about him?
JiNa suddenly hugged Xiu Xiu, who was still reading short messages, as if to pour this three-month lovesickness into this affectionate hug. Xiu Xiu screamed with fear, but after a second, she stopped yelling because the familiar smell behind her told her who was back.
Xiu Xiu turned around and looked at JiNa when it was already in tears, clear as water, and with deep feelings like the sea in his eyes, JiNa leaned over and kissed Xiu Xiu’s wet, waxy and cowardly lips, and their lips and teeth were entwined as if they were going to turn their physical strength into love for each other.
This kiss is as sweet as marshmallow, as sweet as honey and as long as the situation in the Middle East is lingering. It seems that after a century, the two of them have finally looked at Xiu Xiu for three months. When they see her arms, Xiu Xiu’s eyes are blurred, and her skin is better than snow. The knife light seems to have crossed a sadness. People can’t help but be jumpy and beautiful. When they see her, they see that she is wearing a sweet-shouldered semi-exposed pajamas and perform a just right feminine taste. There is a great generation of artist Leonardo da Vinci, who represents the Mona Lisa.
After the sunset faded, the night was exposed with Tuo red and shallow moon, and it was time for the red to disappear and get drunk and wake up.
A little parting is better than a wedding. On this night, Xiu Xiu burned her enthusiasm and danced with Qi Nan in the stormy waves of lust.
Xiu Xiu leaned against Qinan’s strong chest and rubbed Xiu Xiu’s soft and delicate long hair. Both of them did not say anything and enjoyed the happy feeling after the interweaving of spiritual desires.
For a long time, Qinan asked Xiu Xiu in her arms, "Shall we go back to see your aunt in a few days?"
Xiu Xiu expression slightly ash "we don’t want to avoid the dragon house?"
"Silly girl, before we were afraid that the Dragon Family was too powerful, we were a common people, but they caught us. It was a narrow escape, but it’s different now. I think you should know a lot about Qin Ye’s power. In their eyes, the Dragon Family can say nothing. It should be possible for us to compensate them for a little money. I have millions now."
"Really? Really? Can I go back to see my aunt? " Xiu Xiu heard JiNa back to cheer. She will never see two relatives again in her life.
"Well, I’ll take you back in a few days, okay, Xiu Xiu?" Qina nodded affirmatively.
Xiu Xiu hastily nodded. What could make her happier than this? !
The next morning, Qina remembered that there was still a gift for Xiu Xiu. She quickly took out a beautiful box from her travel bag and handed it to Xiu Xiu Xiu Xiu. She was shocked by the present gift and was speechless. The box contained a beautiful crystal necklace. Qina spent more than 10,000 euros to buy it at PIZZE Jewelry Store, the largest jewelry store in Naples.
"How much is this necklace? Should it be very expensive? " Xiu Xiu took a long time to return to absolute being. Women are born with no resistance to this exquisite jewelry.
"It’s very cheap to ask for thousands of RMB." Qinan was afraid that Xiu Xiu would say that he had squandered money to lower the price of the necklace by dozens of times.
"So expensive?" Xiu Xiu is still too expensive for Qina’s thorough language. If this is heard by the owner of PIZZE Jewelry Store, it is estimated that it will hit the wall. Xiu Xiu’s mouth says that it is expensive, but she is more interested in this necklace than she likes Qina to help Xiao Ni wear it. Xiao Ni excitedly appreciates Qina’s expertise in touching Ba in front of the mirror and looks at Xiu Xiu’s heart. It is true that this crystal necklace sets off Xiu Xiu’s clean and pure temperament by 10,000 euros! ! ! Worth it! !
Qi Nan Cai Yi and others also brought gifts, which is a small specialty unique to Naples. Cai Yi Qi Nan is also very happy to be so concerned.
In the afternoon, Qi Nan went to Xiao Canghai and told him about his own affairs department. Apart from the great secret that he came from the Song Dynasty, Qi Nan asked him to tell Qin Ye that he could no longer protect Qin Sishui. He was going to play in Italy. Qi Nan has no status in this world. He begged Xiao Canghai to help him with the small problem of going to Italy for a passport again. Xiao Canghai certainly would not refuse. After all, it was his hobby and dream.
After all this, Jina was completely relieved, and all that remained was to go back to Shanjiang Miao Village and negotiate with the Dragon Family. He was going to let Zhan Hu take a few people with him to solve this matter, and he-Jina could be born in this world fair and square.
Volume II
Chapter ninety-one End it
Xiu Xiu is dragging Qinan to take her back to see her parents these two days. Qinan is, of course, Xiu Xiu, so he does what he says. He feels that he owes too much to Xiu Xiu these days, and he doesn’t comply with Xiu Xiu’s requirements. On this day, they went shopping for an afternoon and went back to the building. Qinan quickly took out the big bags and things from the trunk of the car. Xiu Xiu was beside him tenderly. He wiped his sweat and smiled at Xiu Xiu. Xiu Xiu responded sweetly with a warm and happy feeling like the sunshine this afternoon.
Two people are immersed in the tender feelings, but they didn’t notice that behind a kiosk on the opposite corner, a beautiful girl with no make-up and color like morning glow and snow was leaning there with tears on her face. Even if she covered her mouth and tried to suppress her tears, she also revealed a sadness that penetrated into the bone marrow. The girl was like water in Qin.
It turns out that he really has a girlfriend! ! ! And beauty is almost different from himself. No wonder he is always indifferent to himself. ! ! What am I going to do? Qin’s heartache seems to be like a needle stabbing. The pain almost makes her unable to breathe smoothly. When Qi Nan and her two figures disappear at the foot of the small building, Qin seems to wipe her face and tears stumble away. Pedestrians all the way look back at this beautiful Ruth woman. How on earth is a man willing to make her so sad?
Two days later, Qina finally took Xiu Xiu back to Niujiao Village, accompanied by Qin Ye’s hand-to-hand fighting tiger and several of his right-hand men.
A few hours later, a bunch of people have come to the ancient town of Fenghuang. They want to rest in Fenghuang and continue on their way. Because it is already noon when they get here, but it is depressed. However, Xiu Xiu and anxious to return all have to continue on their way. It’s getting late and they have arrived at Shanjiang Miao Village, a place that brings memories to Jinan’s panic. It’s difficult to go back to Niujiaozhai Mountain Road. It’s dark and can’t walk Qinan. They have to spend the night at Shanjiang Miao Village farmers’ house, and they can also find out about the situation of Longjia.
Asking for information to reassure Qina that most of the Long Yaowu’s leg left a little sequela after the emergency treatment of the Dragon Family, but it was also good. Most of it was not completely abandoned except for walking a little limp. This place in Xiangxi has always been a place with fierce folk customs, and private fights in various shanzhai often occur. Although in the new society, they have always disdained asking for help from the police station of the Public Security Bureau, but they like two villages to solve the problem that Qina injured Long Yaowu privately. That is to say, the Dragon Family has not reported to the police station. It’s unnecessary to be cautious before Jina, but Jina heard from the town people that the Dragon Family has brought a large group of people to the Niujiao Village to criticize him. His only worry now is that he doesn’t know if the Dragon Family has taken Tian Dashu to vent their anger.
Early the next morning, Xiu Xiu got up and urged Qina to get up and hurry. Actually, Xiu Xiu urged Qina to go back early to see if the parents had anything.
Two hours later, when the familiar scenery of Niujiao Village appeared in front of several people, Qina and Xiu Xiu looked at each other with tears in their eyes and finally came back! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
"Dad, grandma, I’m back! !” Xiu Xiu ran as lightly as an antelope and shouted beautiful sounds. In the picturesque stockade, there were echoes coming from the other side of the mountain.

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