武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 品茶 Tianhou Qinan and Xiu Xiu: The TV broadcast caused quite a stir. In addition to Dominica’s dazzling skill advertisement, Xiu Xiu was as clean as pure water, which also attracted many people’s attention. People asked who this girl from China was who she had never seen before. Qinan was handsome and elegant, and Xiu Xiu was clean and innocent. Like golden couple, the two of them had a Chinese style in Italy, and some famous cosmetic companies in Italy, such as SUNDOO vaghegg (charm) iRALBER, also saw Xiu Xiu Gate and asked Xiu Xiu to shoot advertisements.

Tianhou Qinan and Xiu Xiu: The TV broadcast caused quite a stir. In addition to Dominica’s dazzling skill advertisement, Xiu Xiu was as clean as pure water, which also attracted many people’s attention. People asked who this girl from China was who she had never seen before. Qinan was handsome and elegant, and Xiu Xiu was clean and innocent. Like golden couple, the two of them had a Chinese style in Italy, and some famous cosmetic companies in Italy, such as SUNDOO vaghegg (charm) iRALBER, also saw Xiu Xiu Gate and asked Xiu Xiu to shoot advertisements.

Qinan didn’t expect that an ordinary advertisement could make Xiu Xiu become so popular. He was happy and sad that so many people liked Xiu Xiu. Xiu Xiu was worried that he didn’t know whether he could face the swarming advertisers and journalists, which made Qinan feel a little at ease. Fortunately, there was argus Tini, an iron brother. Now he is almost a professional agent. Most of those businessmen or journalists who came to Xiu Xiu came out to deal with Xiu Xiu by argus Tini, and they just had to follow her argus Tini’s brother.
Argus Tini has gradually become fond of his fashionable and active personality as a broker, but he is also a good material for being a broker. Another important reason why argus Tini enjoys it is that this profession gives him many opportunities to meet all kinds of beautiful women, especially as a Xiu Xiu agent, because most of those cosmetic companies are beautiful executives and staff. Since he became a manager of Qinan and Xiu Xiu, the small company has rarely gone to the school team for training, and it is his hobby to quit playing football. He doesn’t want to regard it as it. Professional Xiu Xiu has also become a busy man since then. Advertising and magazine cover endorsement day has become busy and enriched. Seeing that Xiao Ni has her own career and is no longer the little girl who sits at home and waits for her return every day, Qi Na also feels very gratified. He doesn’t want to tie Xiu Xiu’s generation to his side like this and be an ordinary housewife. Of course, these are all things that will happen later, which is not what Qi Na wants now. Now he wants to play against Florence at home in Naples this weekend.
On Sunday, the fourth round match between Napoli and Florence started on time. After two consecutive away games, Naples returned to Sao Paulo to meet the challenge of "Viola".
Florence is the hometown of European Renaissance and Italian classical football. In 1926, the club officially adopted the team name. In the 1929-1993 season, it was promoted to the first division. Except in 1993, it was always the winner of the first division. [The army was the champion of the Football Association Cup in 1994 in the heyday of the 1950s+1955-1956 season and won the runner-up in the next four years. In the 1960s, Florence left brilliant achievements and won the league championship in 1969. Won the FA Cup four times and the European Cup Winners once. In 21 years, the Florence Club had financial problems. In 21/22 season, it ranked second in the league and landed in Group B. In the second half of 234 season, Florence made great efforts to return to the fourth place in Serie A in 256 season, but suffered 19 points from the scandal. In the end, Palermo tied the fifth place in the 5-0 match and AC Milan qualified for the European Cup.
Fiorentina President Diego Delavallee spent more than 50,000 euros in the summer transfer market to introduce new aid such as Gilardino and Vargas in order to compete in the European Champions Cup this season, hoping to make a difference in the European arena.
Florence coach Prandelli is Florence’s first guarantee, because so far he has never made mistakes. Gazzetta dello Sport once thought that he was a "coach who never makes mistakes". In the past two years, he finally managed to keep the team at the top of the leaderboard and even qualified the team for the Champions League qualifiers. Although he was cancelled due to punishment, it cannot be said that Prandelli is a very good coach. He is a coach who is good at cultivating young people from Mutu, Adriano, Simplicio, Gilardino, Marchioni, montolivo, pasquale and Gambellini have all made great progress in his training. The growth of young people has always enabled Prandelli to get better results than the team. However, for various reasons, Prandelli’s dream of winning the Champions League for two consecutive years passed by. Last summer, it was the scandal that deprived him of the qualification to win the Champions League. Then the influence of the scandal ripple to next season due to points deduction.
Although Florence pursued hard all the way, it failed in the end, and finally a dream came true, bringing Florence into the European Champions Cup.
From the point of view of play, Prandelli advocates the attack and likes the 4231 attack formation. His team often produces excellent strikers such as Gilardino and Tony Mutu. For example, Adriano Mutu played solo in Parma in the past. This season, his former brother Gilardino returned to him from AC Milan. He and Mutu formed a pair of striker combinations that made all Serie A defense lines feel scared.
In the dressing room of Naples, Reya’s expression is solemnly laying out tactics. Florence came to Naples in Serie A this season and met her strongest opponent, Naples, with two wins and one loss in the first three rounds, while Florence had two wins and one draw. Reya had to be prepared for the fact that Florence strikers were not high, but they were all flexible. In this game, Domic replaced Rinaudo as the starting central defender. Although Rinaudo had good defense ability, he turned a little slowly, which made him face those speed strikers. It seems a little hard at times, and other starting positions remain the same. The formation is still discharged at home for the first time (3412)1 Lezzo /6 maldonado 21 Domic 2 Cannavaro Jr. /23 Marjono 17 Hamsik 2 grava /13 Dominica /7 Lavezzi 9 Dennis.
Fiorentina’s starting list didn’t surprise Rhea and the media either. He still insisted on making him like 4-2-3 formation 1 Frey /23 pasquale 21 Vargas 15 Mazucci 17 Balzati /4 Donadel 1 Montelino /1 Mutumioli 29 pazzini /9 Gilardino.
Because I haven’t seen my team perform for two weeks, today, the Sao Paulo stadium is full again, and more than 70 thousand Naples fans are also particularly excited. The game has not yet arrived in Sao Paulo stadium, and fireworks have brought thick fog. The fans sang Naples team songs to cheer up the Naples players who are warming up.
The atmosphere in S? o Paulo is still so annoying that Florence coach Prandelli said in his heart that the frenzied atmosphere in S? o Paulo is a headache for every head coach. At home, Napoli always burst into a force stronger than their real strength.

At 3: 00 local time in Naples, with the whistle of the referee, the Serie A highlight was officially staged.
At three o’clock, Naples is still sunny, but fortunately, the climate in Naples is like spring all year round, and the temperature of the stadium is still suitable.
Fiorentina: First of all, both sides of the ball are cautious. The coach’s personality determines the tone of the first ten minutes of the game. Prandelli claims to be a "coach who never makes mistakes". He will not allow the team to attack rashly before finding out the actual situation of the other side, and the calm nature of the coach like Rhea will not let the team storm when facing a quasi-giant like Florence.
Ten minutes before the game, the two teams quickly passed through the mutual temptation, when the two sides gradually adapted to each other’s play and rhythm to really play.
Playing right-wing forward from Romania, he is actually more like a second striker, the so-called "shadow striker". This is Mutu’s best position. Mutu’s nickname is "viper". This is the shape. He can always give you a fatal blow. Mutu is a technical striker. His range of activities can be as far as the midfield, and his feet can be left and right in front of the goal. He is undoubtedly the number one focus in Romania’s national team, and he is also the core figure in Florence in these two seasons. Mutu grew up with a rough experience. He became famous and joined Inter Milan, but after staying in Inter Milan for just half a season, he was sold. After that, he showed his talents in Verona and Palma Mutu. When he was in Palma, he and Adriano scored more goals than Zola Aspira in the past. However, for his professional life, it took only 23 years. The career is another turning point with sky-high price and high salary. Abramovich just joined Chelsea and made a big splash at the beginning, but the drug abuse scandal almost ruined his career, and he was even removed from Chelsea!
January, 2004 |: Mutu turned around and thanked Moggi for trying the right avant-garde position in Capello, making his skills more comprehensive. Due to the scandal, Juventus became a "supermarket" in the summer. Mutu joined Florence at a low price of 76 euros. Secco, the general manager of Juventus, recalled that "this is more regrettable than selling Ibrahimovic" in Florence.
In his own home, he scored 33 goals in two seasons in the Italian country [Tony left Bayern and he was the "new king" of Florence.
Mutu scored a beautiful goal and easily broke through Napoli midfielder Marjorie’s defense. It was not so good for Marjorie to call Mutu to make up the defense when he was in the small Cannavaro. When Mutu was erratic and strange, Cannavaro didn’t dare to rush out. Like a bodyguard, he tried to push Mutu to the side corner and forced Mutu to make an emergency stop. Then he quickly accelerated and threw the small card defense again near the bottom line. A single striker Gilardino grabbed it in the right. At the first landing point, he hit the bottom line with a powerful header, and the ball slammed on the crossbar. The bang was no less than the sound of nature for Napoli goalkeeper Lezzo. Before Lezogen responded to such a close-range header, the first real attack after Florence surprised him in a cold sweat.
The ball scared the Naples fans, and the frenzied atmosphere at the scene was a little low for a while. About 2,000 diehard fans came to Naples with the team, and the sound of them faintly sounded at the S? o Paulo Stadium. However, after more than a minute, Monica’s performance once again made more than 70,000 Naples fans crazy, and the weak cheers of 2,000 Florence fans were completely submerged in the tsunami of Naples fans.
Lezzo’s powerful ball leapt nearly 6 meters and landed in Florence. Recently, Qinan still received the ball in the double-team of two Florence players, and the process of receiving the ball was beautiful, which made the fans at the scene, including his teammates, shout loudly. When the ball was about to fall to Qinan’s side, he leaned against the back of Florence’s back waist. Donatelle tiptoed to pick the ball and obediently took precautions from Lorenza’s other back waist, Montelino. Before the game, head coach Prandelli specifically told him to join hands with Donatelle to stare down the most threatening Domenica of Naples.
Qinan saw that Montelino was stuck. He broke through the line and had to pick up the tip of his right foot, which was still in the middle of the ball, and then unloaded the ball from the left side of his body to the right side of his body. Once again, he avoided chasing Donatelle’s shovel and grabbed the ball before it landed. Qinan accurately picked the ball between the two men and sent it to Lavezzi’s foot. The whole movement naturally seemed to conform to the most basic laws of the movement of all things in the world, giving people a feeling that it was natural and more pleasing to the eye.
Before the end of the offensive department, Naples fans have once again stood up and gave the warmest applause to Dominica’s gorgeous performance.
Qi Na himself may not know that if he can control the ball in the middle, he may be the best person on the planet, that is, Kaka Cristiano Messi. I’m afraid he also pays attention to the ball not falling when he comes to cuju. In the Southern Song Dynasty, the master can keep the ball in the middle "all day long". Qi Na is naturally a master among the masters. Just now, those dodging and defending moves were made by him. It’s nothing very difficult because the fans at the scene have little knowledge about such moves. It’s just a bit shocking. When Qinan did these moves, his posture was beautiful, delicate and elegant. No wonder the fans liked to watch him perform. In fact, Qinan had performed this kind of movement against Inter Milan last season, which directly translated into a goal. Today, Naples fans still feel agitated when they see this performance again. It’s like drinking a bowl of iced sour plum soup in the dog days.
However, it is a pity that Qinan’s wonderful ball was finally fired by Lavezzi, but no fans would care, because the performance of Qinan before Lavezzi was enough for them to remember, and they didn’t even notice how Lavezzi shot the ball away.
After Gilardino hit the crossbar, Naples then responded with a beautiful counterattack. It will be an extremely wonderful game, which is the common idea of both fans on the scene, even though the game has only lasted for more than ten minutes.
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and twenty Weird two oolong
Nan’s wonderful performance can’t help but make the fans excited. His teammates are also big players in Naples. Not only can he score goals, but sometimes he can also give his teammates great motivation in spirit. Now Qinan can be said to be the biggest star in Naples. His performance has directly affected whether Naples can win.
As Zinan said to Houdusse’s post-match press conference on the road, the atmosphere at home court is more likely to make him full of passion and fighting spirit, and now he is ravaging Florence defenders with his passion, which is enough to make him nervous.
If Donatelle is given a gun and a pair of sunglasses at the back of Florence, he can play "Zhongnanhai Bodyguard" almost immediately, and the head he needs to protect is naturally Domenica of Naples. It is no exaggeration to say that Donatelle can’t wait to hang himself directly in Qinan now, so that he can tackle fierce and defend the back of Florence by speed. Donatelle finally finds that he is not fast enough, but more importantly, he is defending this Domenica, not only with speed, but also with incredible and unpredictable skills.
"Domenica is still our Domenica. He’s a gorgeous and comparable sci-fi blockbuster stunt. He’s moved past Donadel. How many times has Florence’s lower back been crossed? I’m too lazy to remember. I can imagine that there will definitely be a lot of surprises in front of Dommonica. Mutu turned out to be Mutu’s defense to the restricted area, but Dommonica passed the Romanian Mutu with a simple emergency stop and a sudden change of direction. Hu Nai has to say that not everyone can defend this job. Romanians should go back to your own position. Our Lezzo is ready to have a table of cards with three teammates in the defense line to pass this idle time. "Moro’s" poison mouth "
Seeing Domenica, he instantly went to the front of the restricted area. Florence central defender Mazucci had to come to make up for it. Mazucci from the Czech Republic has made great progress in Plantley in the past two years. Although he is still twenty years old, he has become a world-class central defender. All the conditions are tall, calm and calm.
In the face of Mazuqi, who is younger than himself, Qinan did not choose to continue to break through this time because he had already seen the front of Dennis as wide as the sea in the Bay of Naples. He did not hesitate to send a straight ball to Dennis without any difficulty. All the Argentine had to do was lift his thick leg, which was not much thinner than an elephant, and draw it.
"Bang" Dennis was annoyed with his head. This time, he beat the goalkeeper, but he didn’t beat the post. The football hit the right post and popped up at the baseline. Naples fans echoed Dennis’s head and sighed.
After Florence goal kick came out, Mutu caught the ball to the Romanian "viper" and made his snake-like pace again. This time, he was bitten by a snake. The Slovakian in Hamsik was staggered by Mutu. Mutu got the ball to Gilardino’s foot before grava made up for it. This season, the AC Milan striker still dominated the confrontation with Domic. After he carried Domic, he turned around and slammed the door with one foot. Unfortunately, he didn’t hit the right part and shot wide of the mark.
"What is this shot? I cann’t believe it hit the left corner flag! How to practice this footwork? Can catch up with the level of the main striker of the third-class team | The opportunity will certainly not be missed.
Gilardino’s face is also a pity look. This Italian striker with a king-like appearance has a bumpy experience different from others. Two years ago, Gilardino represented Piacenza for the first time in the Italian first division. At this time, he was 17 years old. One year later, he came to Verona from Piacenza and spent a year here. Then he moved to Palma to fill the vacancy left by Brazilian striker Adriano after Inter Milan. He seized this opportunity and kept scoring goals. After Parma, Gilardino gradually became the core of the team’s attack. In the 3/44/5 season, Gilardino scored 24 goals and 23 goals in Serie A respectively, which became Serie A:+member. Then the main striker of the Italian youth team became Juventus, AC Milan and Real Madrid. Chelsea and other European giants are chasing this young striker, who has been valued by many experts as "as strong as vieri and as cunning as Inzaghi". This is the expert’s evaluation of him. Gilardino helped the Italian youth team win the European Youth Championship in June 2004, and then he won the bronze medal with the Italian team in the Athens Olympic Games. On July 19, 2005, he moved to AC Milan, and his value reached 240,000 euros, which was the year of Serie A.
Your transfer, but his three-year career in Milan brought him memories. In the first season, he scored 17 goals in the league, but in the second season, he scored 12 goals in the league. In the last season, the goal was sharply reduced to 7| Inzaghi moved from Barcelona. Ronaldinho, the world footballer, has no place in AC Milan. After three years, Gilardino finally decided to leave Milan.
Gilardino’s failure in Milan can’t be said to be due to his lack of talent, but because AC Milan never had his core expertise. He tailored his offensive tactics. In Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti’s hand, Gilardino became a blue-collar figure. He turned out to be mainly Kakapoto who pulled the defensive block and then waited for an opportunity to make up the shot. This pure blue-collar worker’s blue-collar temperament will gradually become dusty. When Gila and Milan realized this problem, the once talented shooting boot was forgotten in the dusty memory and disappeared into Milan’s tactical system.
Returning to his mentor Prandel in the season, Gilardino is rejuvenated again. In his core offensive body, Gilardino is like a duck to water. He has recovered the state of being brave and brave, and has also recovered the shot boots lost in Milan. He has scored two goals and assisted one goal in the first three rounds.
Gilardino missed the shot just now, but he didn’t feel too upset. Let’s just look for the feeling of shooting. Gilardino ran back in front of Naples and continued to swim behind the Naples defenders, looking for an attack opportunity.
The game lasted for more than 20 minutes, although neither side scored a goal, but the scene didn’t make the fans feel boring at all. Both sides created an excellent opportunity, but they didn’t score because of bad luck and timing. Just when the fans expected to score, the goal came as promised, but it was a bit unexpected.
Qinan’s breakthrough was "decisively" placed by Donadel at the front of the restricted area and about 30 meters to the right from the goal. The referee did not hesitate to punish the foul, which was really too obvious.

Naples won a fairly good position. The Italian ball in the frontcourt is usually taken by Uruguayan gargano with delicate footwork. This time, of course, it is no exception. gargano has already been waiting for the penalty ball in front of the ball. When you look around the restricted area in Florence, people even join in the fun and go to the restricted area to grab the point. It is not every day that you wait for a long-range shot at the front of the restricted area like this.
A few tall players in Naples, such as Domic Cannavaro, are ready to grab points in the penalty area. They are not afraid to come back because of the backcourt, maldonado and grava.
The referee whistled for gargano to catch the ball. gargano looked up at the run-up steps in the restricted area, and then started the football to cross a sharp and spiraling arc and fall into the restricted area. He didn’t choose to shoot directly, but the ball.
Fiorentina goalkeeper Frey had a headache about the ball. If the earth grabbed the point, there would be too many people in the penalty area. The ball landed a little far from him. Frey didn’t attack. He could hope that his teammates could grab the point and head the ball out.
Dennis Li defends his body against him. Mazuqi is going to grab the first landing point of the ball. Although Mazuqi is taller than Dennis, he is far less strong than Dennis. He feels that a strong bearer in front of him has been pushed back by two steps, and he can watch Dennis prepare to take off and grab the point. When he sees it, he has to give up Qinan to come and grab the ball. He doesn’t care whether the position is stable or not. The ball is a bouncing force that is not inferior to the height brought by Dennis Varga Slim’s rushing. After he missed the ball but landed, he found it was not good, because the first thing he saw was the expression of teammate Frenackney, and he was lying quietly in his team’s net with the football pushed out. Frey, a goalkeeper from France who had been selected for the French national team, had no idea about the goal
Own goal! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! | it’ s just crazy to celebrate.

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