Must be very painful, huh?

The girl looked at the distant sky dully, and I don’t know when two lines of tears flowed in her eyes.
A white bird flew from the sky and landed on the tip of the lightning rod.
Bai Niao mouth issued a human voice "you are evil? I’m from a cult, and you’re very evil. Do you want to join us? "
The girl wiped away her tears and said "roll" coldly.
The white bird said, "Even if you don’t want to join, you can make a deal. Two people told us that the spirit master of Chaos Tomb has taken our members, and we can’t take the initiative to attack Chaos Tomb yet. You kill her for us, and I will give you a piece of ten square pieces."
The girl raised her eyes and was full of chill. She hung on her side and made claws. Some paper men flew out of the bag.
She threw the glowing red paper man at Bai Niao and roared, "I said get out-"
Bai Niao didn’t expect that she would suddenly fly her feathers and spread her wings in panic to escape into the distance.
Yuan Tian came out of the photo studio with an inch photo of him and Taotao in his hand. "Okay, but your photo boss accidentally printed one more."
He posted their photos on the stolen two Yulan high school teachers’ work permits and pretended to be school teachers.
Not far ahead is Ji Xiaoyu’s home, and the address is also found in Yuan Tian’s office student book.
Taotao threw the extra photos into the roadside trash can and Yuan Tian walked in the direction of the girl’s house.
Nangong dust leans against the wall in the alley.
It was not until they walked away that he slowly straightened up and walked to the trash can and bent down to pick up Taotao and throw away the photo.
Chapter 94 Chapter 94
The puppet master is disturbing the world order.
Ji Xiaoyu’s home is located in an ordinary residential building, and there are many rotten fruits and health care gift boxes piled up at the door.
Yuan Tian knocked at the door and saw the woman open the door at school during the day.
She looks haggard in her forties, and her eyes are dark and dark, and she hasn’t slept well for a long time.
The woman stared at Yuan Tian warily. "Who are you looking for?"
Taotao flashed a forged work permit. "Hello, we are teachers of Yulan High School, and the principal sent us to understand the disappearance of Yuji Xiaoyu."
Women sneer at "is to understand or to destroy the evidence? You want my daughter’s diary, right? I have handed it over to the police, so let’s die. "
She asked for the door, and Yuan Tian hurriedly put his arm into the door. "Aunt, wait, don’t open the door yet. We are here to help you."
When the woman didn’t see it, she slammed the door and caught Yuan Tian screaming. She threatened to "get away or I’ll clip your arm off."
It is reasonable to say that the teacher should know what happened, and parents should not resist her like this. What is this reaction?
Taotao pondered for a while, remembering that cleaning the toilet seems to have been heard that Liu Shenyu is a school manager these days, but today a woman scolded Gu Yin in the playground and murdered her daughter with Liu Shenyu. Does she think the school is shielding the criminals who harmed her daughter?
Thinking of this, Taotao said, "We are internship teachers in Yulan High School, and we just went there for a long time."
"After Ji Xiaoyu’s disappearance, we also heard about some things at school, but the school has been covering her mouth, and the workers threatened the teachers not to go out to preach. We really can’t bear to see your daughter’s affairs being handled like this, even if we lose this internship, we must find out what is going on."
Yuan Tian was very clever. When he saw that the person had changed, he immediately changed his mind. "Yes, aunt, my martial brother is a media student. After we know the truth, he can help us to report it to the reliable media and let everyone know that you can let us know the situation."
The woman’s face turned pale. "Really?"
Yuan Tian took off his baseball cap. "Do you think I look like a formal teacher when I am so young?"
Mother Ji hesitated for a moment to see that the two men were young and really didn’t look like regular teachers, so she let them in
Ji Xiaoyu is a single-parent family. Her parents divorced when she was young. She lives with her mother.
The house is small, but it is very warm.
Taotao sat on the sofa and saw many dolls in the TV cabinet, including dolls, Barbie and animal pillows.
"Xiaoyu likes dolls, and she will buy them if she has money." See Taotao watching Jimu explain.
She turned on the TV to make the swing room have some sounds. "You said you heard something about Xiaoyu at school. What is it?"
Tao Tao said, "Ji Xiaoyu was bullied by some classmates at school. We wonder if she left home because she hated her classmates at school?"
Mother Ji’s eyes were red and she shook her head. "If so, she would have left long ago."
Yuan Tian took a tissue and handed it over. "Don’t cry. How do you know she didn’t run away from home?"
Mother Ji wiped her tears. "Xiaoyu told me a month ago that she didn’t want to go to school, saying that someone bullied her at school. I didn’t agree with you at first, and you knew that it was difficult for Yulan High School to test her grades. The college entrance examination was coming in a good year, and I was sure that I could go to a good university … After a few days, I saw that her mood was getting worse and worse, thinking that maybe she was really unhappy, so I asked her to ask for leave to go home and rest for a few days, but a few days later she told me that she and her classmates had repaired it and everyone would not bully her …
The woman broke down in tears when she talked about it. "I was so stupid that I believed it."
"Later, when Xiaoyu disappeared, I saw her diary in her room and found that those classmates didn’t fix it with her, but they intensified. When I was in my class, they found a home and threatened her that if she didn’t study, even I would suffer."
"… that silly child, I can continue to learn and continue to be bullied by them. She is so worried that I will definitely not take the initiative to leave."
Taotao asked, "What did you say was written in the diary?"
Mother Ji nodded. "What happened in those days was recorded in Xiao Yu’s diary. The police took the original as evidence. I left a copy. It was because of my face that I knew that they had harmed my daughter Gu Yinke, Liu Shenyu and Zhang Xing Zhang Yue. They hunted my daughter as prey in the campus after school. Once they found her …"
Taotao "Can you show me a copy?"
Mother Ji took out a thick stack of A4 paper from the tea table and handed it to her. "The police said that it was a statutory crime to keep a diary alone. It was cheaper for Gu Yin, but that little beast."
Yuan Tian asked, "How many people bully your daughter? What is it that Gu Yin can kill people?"
Jim aimed at the door. "Did you see things piled up at the door when you came in?"
Yuan Tian nodded. It was all some high-grade fruits and expensive nutrition. Just now he was curious about what would be put there and let it go bad without bringing it in.
"It was Gu Yin who sent it. At first, I didn’t know that a pinhole camera was installed at the door and caught her face. She hated my little Yu so much. If she didn’t kill someone, why would she send me something?"
Peach wears black-rimmed glasses when she reads, and turns over those diaries, so she can’t help frowning.
Every day after school bell, Liu Shenyu will let the security guard lock the school gate after the students leave, and then the hunting game between boys and girls begins.
They will first let Ji Xiaoyu go and let her find a place to hide, and then four people will go to find her in the classroom and equipment room. Almost every time, they can find her because Liu Shenyu has the key to the monitoring room. If Ji Xiaoyu is still at school, she can’t run away.
And once you get caught, the nightmare comes.
Ji Xiaoyu’s handwriting is very delicate, and his handwriting can be seen shaking when writing these.
Taotao finished reading these diaries without saying a word and returned them to Ji Mu.
"These have? Can it be sent to the media? " Mother Ji cried and asked, "Gu Yin is very strict. She won’t admit that she killed Xiaoyu. I don’t even know where Xiaoyu’s body is. How cold it would be if she couldn’t be buried."
Yuan Tian didn’t quite appreciate such a tragedy to comfort her. "Auntie, we will find a way to convict Gu Yin if something really happens to your daughter, but there is still a way to find her body."
This is not difficult for the spiritual master, who has decided to help the poor woman.
The female announcer’s voice, which is playing Chongqing News, is cold and sounds like a mechanical voice without emotion.
"Now we have a news bulletin. Yesterday, a citizen found three bodies in the Dujuan Mountain Cave in the north of Chongqing. According to the forensic examination, the dead two men and one woman died strangely. Now, please call 134 if you have any clues …"
Du Fu Mountain in the north of the city is a hill in the city, just behind Yulan High School.
Yuan days suddenly have a bad feeling "it won’t be …"

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