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Ma’s brother and sister and Mi Qilin are anxiously waiting for his return, while the Qing Xuanmen people have long since disappeared.

Chen Shaobai read a sweep and found that those people, regardless of their own lives and deaths, all ran to the floating island of stars to seek refuge
There is no need to say too much about the world, and sometimes it takes a comparison to see who is sincere and who is hypocritical.
"I didn’t see the wrong person."
Chen Shaobai looked at Ma’s brother and sister and Miqilin silently said to himself in his heart.
Ma Jiajia, who is not the youngest but the most tender, rode the shura golden chariot to fly to "fourth brother, are you all right?"
"entertainment show" and "nothing"
Automatically filtered the word "Chen Shaobai" called in front of her mouth twitched out.
Putting aside the mischievous Ma Jiajia, Mi Qilin’s eyes were a little anxious, and she kept breathing and peeping around. It seemed anxious and jǐng said, "Where is Dukang?"
"I was alive and he died of natural causes."
Chen Shaobai smiled and said, of course.
"Du Kang is dead?"
"Du Kang is dead!"
Markov’s brother and sister and Miqilin were stunned and repeated. It was only after three or five breaths that they barely recovered.
Miqilin look at Chen Shaobai’s eyes again with some feeling of envy, jealousy and hate.
Among her original four people, except the drag bottle Ma Jiajia, Chen Shaobai is the oldest in the realm of cultivation. But now it seems that Ma Fengzi has the great honor of swallowing the sea and Chen Shaobai has the strength to slay the gods. When she is off, isn’t she going to be sheltered by others?
"It’s really uncomfortable ….."
Mi Qilin durang suddenly remembered something. She and Ma Fengzi glanced at each other, and they gave a name in the same way.
Elder Taitai Jueqing Cliff is said to have lived from ancient times, and the old monster’s name is arbitrary, erratic, violent, elegant, gentle and overbearing.
God’s double realm!
Chen Shaobai beheaded Du Kanglai today, and Ri is bound to face the undead endless revenge …
A famous name has appeared here, so you can’t guess it.
Thanks for Yan Yu Jiangnan monthly ticket! Thank you, Brother Fahai, for your reward! to be continued
Chapter three hundred and twenty In addition to the magic and an alchemist arms dealer
Chapter three hundred and twenty In addition to the magic and an alchemist arms dealer
All good things must come to an end. Even if Chen Shaobai doesn’t want to separate several friends, he has to set foot on the road of returning to Qing Xuanmen.
Purgatory ascended a big demon emperor led several demons to invade the meta-world, which was even more earth-shattering than the fairy wars thousands of years ago. Even if there are ten fairy tales and ten magic sects, they may not be able to be fortunate to be difficult to be a disciple. Even if Chen Shaobai doesn’t return to the Qing Xuanmen, Ma’s brothers and sisters and Mi Qilin’s clan are the pillars, they must go back to support one side of the world.
At this moment, Chen Shaobai has bid farewell to the top leader of Xingchen Island. After handling all the trivial matters and handling the debt delivery with ease, he gathered up many core brothers of Qing Xuanmen and led them to embark on a return journey.
Star Island is located at the junction of Dongsheng Shenzhou and Nanming Lizhou, while Qingxuan Gate is located in the hinterland of Dongsheng Shenzhou. Chen Shaobai conservatively estimates that it will take at least three months to reach Qingxuan.
But when Chen Shaobai didn’t dare, he made full use of the position at hand to make many core brothers of Qing Xuanmen cut off demons and collect J and NG monsters from cholera people along the way, and according to the depth of each other’s sins, he either became an elixir or a believer or abolished it and became a common beast.
After this order arrived, all the Qing Xuan masters were puzzled but still crustily skin of head and carried it out.
No matter like Chen Shaobai, he can live after a head-on contest with the great avatar. "This alone deserves their awe and inexplicably.
This doubt lasted for three ri, and finally someone could not resist the psychological anxiety and asked.
"Little Master, it’s the time when the war is tight. Isn’t it a little … unwise for us to delay here?"
The speaker is a beautiful man in a sapphire Se gown. He is also a figure with a strong background in the Qing Xuanmen. Most of his relatives, lovers and friends are staying in the Qing Xuanmen. The two wars between the immortals and demons have made everyone feel insecure. It would be a ghost if he can remain indifferent.
Now it is very polite to speak out your doubts in this gentle tone, otherwise he would have been afraid of poking Chen Shaobai’s nose for questioning on the spot.
As soon as this statement came out, people began to talk about it. More and more people in the Qing Dynasty told Chen Shaobai to give up the unrealistic idea of "shaking the dry Kun and returning to the Qing Dynasty". Saving the Zongmen was the first priority.
Different status, these people are very polite when they speak, for fear of saying the wrong thing. It was so hot that Chen Shaobai thunder broke out on the spot and sentenced them to a crime of disobedience.
What’s Chen Shaobai like?
No matter enemies, friends or strangers will give the same conclusion without hesitation, madman!
Sometimes he is gentle, sometimes he is cruel, sometimes he is crazy, sometimes he is a good man in troubled times, and sometimes he is a general in battle, but these are all superficial illusions. Yes, his heart is firm and persistent, and paranoia is his real soul.
Jun is not terrible, villain is not terrible, what is really worth fearing is that he is not deadly and has strength.
If other little guys get the token of the leader, these core brothers of the Qing Xuanmen are at most disdainful in their hearts, but they can really carry out most of his orders with three points of respect and seven points of fear in Chen Shaobai’s body.
They are sure that if they want to say no in their mouths, they will definitely end up in a tube and kill regardless of the outcome.
Don’t doubt that the most famous killer in today’s meta-world is Chen Shaobai.
"Not wise?"
Chen Shaobai corners of the mouth emerge a faint sneer, I don’t know whether it’s mocking people’s overreaching or mocking their own practices.
In fact, he looked down upon these so-called "Zongmen J and jīng English".
On the strength, Chen Shaobai can fan these people into minced meat with a slap; On these people, when Ri left him alone, their scenes of running for their lives were deeply imprinted in Chen Shaobai’s mind for a long time.
Drip, grace, spring, revenge, iron fist
Has always been the concept of envelope Chen Shaobai how can give them what good face se to see?
"I’m sorry for your stupidity, but I still ask if it’s meaningful to teach you this trip?"
"Double Xianjian Chapter three hundred and twenty In addition to the magic and alchemy, the arms dealer" dressed in sapphire Se clothes, the handsome man seems to be very firm and sincere, and his eyes are shining with anxiety and concern Se.

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