武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 品茶论坛 Then Wei Ya showed a grim-faced Luo Cha method, and roared and chased the bomber group directly.

Then Wei Ya showed a grim-faced Luo Cha method, and roared and chased the bomber group directly.

"Golden Bell Hood" cultivates the six phases with different magical powers, which is definitely not the meaning of making up the number.
Close to the taboo swallowing power, the self-healing of terror is the Luo Cha method, which relies on deterring the enemy from looking after the housework. Although in terms of instantaneous damage per second, the Luo Cha method is absolutely not good at fighting and belligerence, and it is famous for shura or being good at operating the French king. It may even be good at water warfare hag and King Kong, but Luo Cha has its own amazing wealth.
On Long-term Sustained Warfare Ability; It is always possible to gain external energy by devouring power and then recover its own combat power. Luo Cha is the most daunting thing in a large-scale battlefield.
This reason is actually very easy to understand. Imagine a man who can heal himself and recover energy at any time and place, and he is still alive and kicking. Is Xiaoqiang waiting for a pervert to believe that a strong man will not feel headache when he meets an enemy like Luo Cha? Since Wei Ya showed that the Luo Cha method is obviously ready for a hard and protracted war.
This October Imperial imitation Americana heavy bomber model is too old. Although it has been modified several times, it is still lackluster. Wei Ya didn’t spend much effort to catch up with the fleet. He stayed close to the leading pilot, Luo Cha method, and his eyes were as bright as searchlights. Several pilots, Wei Ya, waved their fists with considerable volume, and folded and shouted.
"Turn around and fly back at once, or I’ll send you to die!"
At the beginning of the design, the bomber was covered with machine guns and cannons. However, after modernization and modification, these symbolic self-defense weapons have been dismantled and it is impossible to deal with the target root. Although these pilots are well-trained old birds who have flown for 2,000 hours, it is impossible to teach them how to deal with a flying giant in a training course.
The head of the aviation regiment swallowed a mouthful of water, then leaned out of the skin and turned on the base frequency tone, trembling and said.
"Call base! Call base! I am a hole. My formation is being intercepted by unidentified flying objects. Repeat, our formation is being intercepted. The other party asks us to return immediately, otherwise we will use force as a disposal. Please give instructions! "
Head of the headset newsletter to base echo tone very sternly said
"Your department must keep the current navigation and heading, and no return is allowed. Support will arrive in ten minutes."
Upon hearing the bad news, the hapless colonel’s face turned ugly than the dead and said after trying to calm down.
"Call base! I’m a couple of holes. Now we’re ten meters away from my formation. We can’t even last ten seconds … "
Wei Yamin’s sharp knowledge captured the echo in the head’s earphone. Suddenly, there was no kindness in Luo Cha’s picture, and the face smiled more ferocious and horrible. Just as these pilots were destined to program flight accident statistics on their own trip, the turnaround suddenly came to a fight. After the tearing sound, a man grabbed the microphone from the commander of the aviation base and shouted.
"dong! You m bastard! Is the veteran preparing for your somersault? Hole in pairs, I m Jiang Fengchi. Return immediately! It’s a big deal to blame me for taking off my skin. If the sky falls, I’ll carry out the orders! "
I heard that more than a dozen bombers, such as Amnesty, turned their course and flew to foreign military airports hundreds of kilometers north.
Watched these showstopper exit Wei Ya long one breath criticise way.
"shout! Early enough is not so strong … It’s time to do something serious. "
It should be admitted that the magic clan is not strong in individual combat ability, so don’t talk about dealing with non-human practitioners. Even those soldiers who are equipped with psionic guns and special warfare brigades don’t have much chance of winning a single magic clan array. Even so, they can’t hold on to the magic clan’s strength!
In the face of powerful opponents, the magic clan is very simple to take countermeasures at present. I can’t beat one, but ten more are not enough, and it’s nothing. Then one hundred more is fine. Anyway, it’s a heap that will kill you.
Volume 17 Section 23 Day of Devouring Heaven
The avenue is easy!
Truth is often very simple and complicated, which does not conform to the universal characteristics of truth. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that truth is often too simple and straightforward, and it is often spurned by those who are so pretentious.
Perhaps the reason is simple after all. Those who try to grandstanding don’t care whether their reasoning is correct or not. They mean to show that they are better than others in telling the truth. These guys who like to show off don’t care if they show off whether these remarks help attract attention and make money for themselves. These are the real things.
At first glance, the tactics of crushing the sea of people simply by quantity are not very technical, but no one can hold a trick and eat it all over the world
A lot of practice has proved that the simplest method is usually the most difficult to crack. Deducting those technical gaps from ancient times to the present, it seems that no one has really cracked the sea tactics, which is similar to the monotonous tactics of sea tactics, except for playing hardball.
It is by virtue of its own numerical advantages that the Phantom clan skillfully displays this tactic of almost exhausting the sea of people.
I really don’t want to say that there aren’t many opponents who can’t die, especially when the war is confined to the densely populated urban area like Binhai, which greatly limits the freedom of area killing means. Whether it is a special brigade equipped with weapons of mass destruction or a yogi from all walks of life invited by Hualian, it is necessary to face up to it. Once those extreme measure will derive astronomical civilian casualties, the whole situation will fall into an extremely unfavorable passive state, which is at stake for a while.
Looking at the mountain side, the distance is different, and I don’t know the true face of Lushan Mountain.
"Swallow the sky and eat the day!"
Wei Ya finally maintained an outsider’s calm mentality. He kept an open mind about the advantages and disadvantages of the phantom family. At this time, he decided not to shoot himself. With the half-time coming, Hong Zhong suddenly showed Luo Cha’s method. Wei Ya’s blood-red hair fluttered in the wind, and his fangs in his jaws were even more ferocious. Someone was a little more horrible than the hazy phantom family to shape.
Blame Wei Ya for selling so well. If the commander didn’t stop those soldiers who killed the red eye, he would have to be treated as a phantom clan.
Drink a Wei Ya as big as a bathtub, and the big mouth immediately roared with a whirlwind.
It has become a hot front-line construction site, and those magic deep wells are still pouring out. It is this whirlwind that has swept through key areas. The flash magic families have been blown up by Wei Ya’s mouth. They can’t help but chirp and show their fear of unknown dangers, and then they have to watch themselves being swallowed alive by Luo Cha Wei Ya.
Phantom clan evolved from ghost gas, and its body is between energy matter, so it is naturally very effective to switch between entity and virtual body to resist external forces.
Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, but now this talent characteristic of the Phantom Family has become a death warrant for them. Those shadows swallowed by Wei Ya into the Luo Cha method have been decomposed into energy and absorbed without waiting for their throats. Faced with this digestible amount and sufficient food, Wei Ya has never been taboo, and the more he eats, the more energetic he is.
Phantom clan from the earth world poured out of the earth’s surface continuously, which seemed to blow up the nest of ants, while Wei Ya, who was suspended in the middle, assumed a strong posture of anteater.
Wei Ya has a simple idea. You can eat as much as you dare.
But after all, the magic clan intelligence is much higher than that of ants. Even those who charge in the front line with limited cannon fodder intelligence are responsible for meeting these guys. The middle-level commanders are at least smarter than themselves. They soon realized the great threat of Wei Ya. After a few strange screams, the magic clan poured out like a flood and then slowed down the attack. It seems that the tactics are changing.
A long time ago, human scientists arrogantly claimed that it would be a pity that tool creatures, in fact, that is, human beings themselves, could be regarded as intelligent creatures. Usually, the plan can’t keep up with the changes, and there are not too many teenagers. Now chimpanzees and other things can also use tools.
The cowhide is blown! Better than wise scientists, hold your nose and start to eat your words and fatten yourself up. Then, change the previous assertion to a creature that can make tools to make tools, so that it can be regarded as an intelligent creature.
There is no doubt that the Phantom clan is definitely an intelligent creature. However, they just don’t make tools because they have the ability to deform and transform entities and virtual bodies. The Phantom clan itself is the most perfect universal tool. When the Phantom clan realized that the sea tactics were effective against the abnormal guy Ya, it quickly changed its coping strategies.
Previously, the fierce and fearless shadows no longer charged crazily. As soon as they came out of the ground, they were involved in each other and superimposed to avoid being sucked away by a whirlwind. Soon, a strange-looking and huge black object was formed on the ground.
The monster created by the Phantom Family is weird and shapeless. It can be said that it is between the mother nest of StarCraft Zerg and the garbage dump full of rotten organic matter. Some kind of body is constantly crawling and its tentacles are like snakes, which makes people feel very sick at first sight.
Poor appearance doesn’t mean bad Wei Ya immediately became vigilant. If the Phantom Family doesn’t have a little weight, how dare they fight with him?
Every village has its own ingenious ways! The sea of people tactics is indeed the magic clan’s best trick, but it doesn’t mean that the magic clan can’t think of other ways without the sea of people tactics. At this time, with a muffled sound attached to the top of a huge black object on the ground, a heart spike is summoned, and after a violent peristalsis, a blue ball of light is suddenly shot from the top of the spike and goes straight to the middle school Weiya to hit it.
Poor Wei Ya kept the Luo Cha method, but because of his huge size, he could not temporarily mobilize the "Dayu Bell" to defend himself on the spot.
The magic clan belongs to the semi-energy physical form, and many magic clan soldiers are connected with each other to form a ministerial-level biological grain feeder or grain cannon. It is more appropriate that some magic clan command troops forcibly compress some clan members into pure energy bodies, and then when the shells are fired, the lethality is really incalculable.
"When …"
This blue ball of light suddenly hit the outside of the bell-shaped golden light, and immediately burst into a brilliant light, such as a fireworks display that cost a lot of public money in the New Year’s season. Then the world was left with a white color. After the impact, a melodious bell was born, and Wei Ya couldn’t help but feel groggy, but it was not easy to digest.
Shook his head Wei Ya ruthlessly scolded 1, followed by Zhang Luo Cha’s method. The thinnest little fingers are similar to ordinary people’s thighs, and he said with a big hand and a drink
"Five axes come out!"
Volume 17 Section 24 Waves and clouds
There is no doubt that the defensive effect of the "Dayu Bell" is due to the name of the artifact. It is not the fault of this magic weapon that the shock wave of the light ball has not been completely digested. It is because the quasi-human Wei Ya has not enough strength to swing this artifact to the maximum, but even so, the "Dayu Bell" is still facing a nuclear fusion attack of nearly one million tons, and the golden light has not been weakened.
The so-called gain and loss! Relatively speaking, the "Dayu God Bell" is very poor in attack. Wei Ya gave up this big clock without much consideration, and smashed the idea of those hateful illusions. At the same time, Wei Ya waved his hand and revealed that the "Five-Ding God Axe" appeared in the hands of Luo Cha method
What is a quasi-real person plus a quasi-artifact? Every yogi who saw this scene flashed a question in his mind. They looked at Wei Ya, and one of them was filled with awe and envy. This guy is no less than an ordinary fairy!

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