武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 桑拿会所 "Look at these guys started to split up. In that case, let’s start. First of all, when they are at their weakest, they will be completely disintegrated! !”

"Look at these guys started to split up. In that case, let’s start. First of all, when they are at their weakest, they will be completely disintegrated! !”

Staring at the snow, they are not just a force!
Chapter 58 City Fengyun (2)
Busy streets are like people. Compared with the cruel world outside, fairyland is like heaven here.
The real world war destroyed everything and created the second world of mankind, which was once famous for its destruction. In this world of adventure, navigation, leisure and entertainment games, players can build everything they dream of.
Whether it’s a business empire or a war country, whether it’s a hegemony or a famous day, if you have the strength, you can make great achievements in this world and become the object of attention of hundreds of millions of people
The first thing you see is a big black cloth with a gambling word written on it. It is particularly eye-catching to find this scene named Wang Xiaowu, that is, Ye Dongchen’s five friends.
Before entering the game, he also had a dream with a heart in his heart, saying that the treasure of God of Creation will take this peak of life, wealth and beauty, all of which are possessed, and I am still a little excited when I think of it.
But after appreciating the cruelty of the world, this dream gradually faded to pieces. Now he hopes to live in the Canyue Kingdom. If he can become a celebrity in the Canyue Kingdom, it seems to be a good choice.
After a big tour, Wang Xiaowu didn’t forget to come here. He came to find out information about the situation of the kingdom and even the players in the kingdom. He came to the casino
Casino facilities are almost invisible in the world today. Although it seems a bit old-fashioned compared with modern technology, people are full of passion, but Wang Xiaowu is quickly silenced in the atmosphere.
Bet on the size and roll the dice. If you want to get the information you want, you can blend in.
Although the cyst was shy, but with a real purpose, he started the casino carefully. At this time, young Wang Xiaowu didn’t know that this world of flowers always made people easily degenerate, and he didn’t know that his every move had been easily controlled by others.
the other side
Let life slip past you * * * The design and color in Durian skirt city unexpectedly make the tie come to the romantic place. Here, the beautiful and explosive breast women make him blind. Although I have seen many women exposed by red fruits in the Nightmare Forest, it was completely different then and now. They are desperate for their lives. But now they are relaxed and feel that they have never had pleasure.
This is * * * a famous prostitute, Qingqing, whose body is as thin as a fine gauze, but with the graceful dancing of the girl and the hypnotic design of alcohol, she forgot her trip, but she didn’t know that all his actions had been calculated.
Blurred dementia, wandering eyes, leaving women overflowing with body fragrance and that plump enchanting ketone body in the face of such a beauty * * * * has just entered the city. How can you resist this * * *?
Hungry tiger pounces on food, and the corners of her mouth are permeated with yin evil smile. The girl’s veils wave a * * * * smile and make eyes at it, which stimulates the male primitive * * * *.
"Baby, I’m coming" has been completely incarnated, and other things have been forgotten in the eyes of the goat, but just as he was about to approach this green and perfect figure, he suddenly rang and burst into the door, and a group of people rushed in.
The upright partner suddenly shrank back in fear, and when a large number of players rushed in, the color was not good.
"Small unexpectedly * * * my girlfriend you * * is dead! ! !”
"girlfriend?" Color is not a fool. When he almost heard the other person say this, he sensed something was wrong. He was looking at a woman’s mouth. If there was a smile, he immediately turned white.
Face look some panic said "bitch * woman how dare you lie to me! !” At this time, Hua Cai was ready to escape, and the position he chose was the window.
Flint color almost without any hesitation rushed out and looked at the sword man suddenly tentacles "want to escape and leave your life! !”
"boom! !”
Suddenly, there was a huge bang in the casino department. When I saw a group of big and strong men, I couldn’t tell whether the player or np was violently beating a person.
"If you have little money, don’t come to the casino. If you lose the bet and have no money, then leave your life! !” The burly man’s words are fierce and mean to kill people. Their gesture is very clear, and they want this person to save his life.
Just as Wang Xiaowu felt that he was going to die, a dashing male suddenly appeared in the downtown street, dancing with a folding fan like a noble male.
"Ha ha, a few guys, this little brother, I think there is really no money, and I’m afraid you know very well whether this little brother really lost all his money naturally."
"How do you want to take care of our Longhua gambling house?" Several strong men almost roared out of the city with high voices. I’m afraid no one dares to offend this Longhua gambling house because they are the strongest Longhua guild in the waning moon kingdom.
"I don’t want to ruin my love brother like this. I’ll pay how much the little brother owes." Graceful and graceful, your husband smiled. When he said the word "love", the face of the four giants changed. A gambling shop manager next to him said something in their ear. The manager was also greeted with a smile, and finally he was reluctant to accept it.
Wang Xiaowu did feel a little touched. "You are so grateful that you will never forget it."
"Ha ha in the future, I have one thing I need my little brother’s help. After the job is done, I can not only get 10 thousand gold dollars, but I can guarantee that whether you succeed or fail in the selection will make you join the city and enjoy wealth and splendor in this city." Wang Xiaowu was inexplicably excited by the other party’s words, but he is not stupid. Now he is almost in one place. So what is the other party’s saying?
Just when Wang Xiaowu and Hua Cai met an emergency at the same time, the other two companions met almost the same but different situations, but all of them had the same goal, that is, to ask them to help them do something.
Ye Dongchen, who was alone with Xueyuan at this time, also found out a lot of news about Yucheng in a mercenary pub, and even heard about the current situation of the waning moon kingdom. At the same time, they also knew that the most sought-after people were selected three days later. These people did not forget the dust, but it caused a lot of sensation in the city because they forgot the dust suddenly.
Maybe it’s because I stayed too long and asked too many questions. Ye Dongchen always felt that there were several eyes staring at them around, and he decided to leave with the snow.
But as soon as they got up, the whole mercenary group was surrounded by people here! !
Chapter 59 City Fengyun (3)
The depressing atmosphere in such a large pub has become very obvious, especially when I feel that people around me are hostile and their eyes are falling, and I always feel that these people are going to take off their clothes and see enough.
That kind of enthusiasm that doesn’t hide the hot sight at all makes the snow fall a little unbearable
"Dongchen, let’s go" may be due to the previous shadows and snow falling, and I don’t want to stay in a group of big men’s pubs. Although there are also many enchanting women here, this atmosphere is like a romantic place in the real world.
Ye Dongchen seems to feel nervous about the snow, and the information they have obtained is enough to temporarily understand the current situation of the city and the waning moon kingdom, and several other people have also split up. I hope they can also gain something, and then stay in Ye Dongchen and feel something is wrong.
The reason is not much to say. It is very likely that a blue snow fall is really beautiful. It is easy for such a pure and full-bodied enchanting woman to happen in this cruel world. Ye Dongchen is not ignorant of everything. On the contrary, the immature player has experienced all the way to make him a disaster in this world if he does not have enough strength.
Ye Dongchen didn’t think much about getting up and leaving with the snow falling. However, at this time, the whole pub people got up with them at the same time. The eyes of all present were tightly staring at Ye Dongchen and the snow falling.
The atmosphere was suddenly more depressing than before. They came at them with hostility and * * * eyes. This moment Ye Dongchen is almost certain.
Can’t stay here, this is the only thought in Ye Dongchen’s mind.
"Snow falls with me. If anything goes wrong, you should run away immediately and I’ll stall them." These people’s eyes are undoubtedly directed at them. Although they don’t know if they have offended them, this world has a way of saying things that are unclear. If you understand things, you won’t understand them. The most important thing is snow falls.
If she is dragged out by the snow, Ye Dongchen is more afraid that she will forget the dust and will not forgive herself even if she sacrifices herself.
With such determination, Ye Dongchen’s theory is that his body and mind have become extremely firm. For him, the falling snow is the person he wants to protect at this moment.
When the snow fell and Ye Dongchen was about to leave the pub, the crowd here showed an evil smile and was about to push the door out. Suddenly, a tall and burly giant stood in front of the door.
"Brother, this is about to go? No more fun? " The giant Han is about two meters tall. Ye Dongchen is not short, but compared with him, he is like adults and children plus the heavy armor he wears. The whole person is twice as big as Ye Dongchen.
Ye Dongchen forced a smile but didn’t dare to offend people. He said, "Thank you for your kindness, but we have had enough to eat and it’s almost time to leave."
"Oh, yes, that’s a pity. Then you go." The big fellow grinned and didn’t have any intention of retaining. God also made a gesture of please, which seemed to let Ye Dongchen leave.
Ye Dongchen thinks something is wrong. If the other party wants to find fault, he should not let himself leave so easily.
Although I don’t believe it, I will never stop if I can walk at this time. After all, if I miss this opportunity, I may never walk again! !
Must go this is Ye Dongchen psychological only thought at the moment.
He took the lead and went out, but he didn’t forget that the snow was still behind him. Just when he wanted to stretch out his hand and pull the snow together, the strong man actually stood in front of Ye Dongchen. Ye Dongchen frowned and a more ominous premonition came to his mind, but he still choked back his laughter. "Can this big brother and my sister make way?"
Although I knew it was not good, when the big fellow grinned, Ye Dongchen couldn’t help but hold her breath and looked at each other strangely. The silence in front of them seemed a little depressing and strange. It wasn’t long before the strong man said, "Hey, haven’t you heard clearly? I said, what are you doing here?"
What he meant was to let Ye Dongchen go alone, but he had to stay when the snow fell.

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