Chaotic fire fell into the avenue oven, and the speed of refining the tunnel source suddenly increased. The wind and zichen were beating like a flower.
But at this time, Feng Zichen’s attention didn’t put the tunnel source body but the chaotic fire body.
In his eyes, the number of runes has evolved, and various gods have alienated. Two gods have plunged into the chaotic fire to spy on his truth.
Obviously, he is going to take this opportunity to understand a trace of the charm of the avenue from this chaotic fire and then lay the foundation for the great magical power of chaotic fire.
The more powerful the avatar is, the more difficult it is to create and the higher the realm it needs.
Although Feng Zichen’s repair is not high at this time, she can evolve magical powers in one fell swoop when she reaches the state of accumulating internal knowledge to be repaired.
This is planning for the future.
Just like this, it slowly passes.
One day, Zichen suddenly felt a throb and woke up from enlightenment. When she looked up, it was a real flower.
Three flowers gathering at the top and five qi facing the Yuan Dynasty.
This is a symbol of the perfection of Luo Jinxian!
At this time, the wind Zichen always stepped into the perfect situation of picking Jin Xian.
He sanhua
Don’t be different.
It’s a real flower
Each flower is twelve and all are noble purple, which contains three forces of heaven, earth and man.
"Buzz …"
The achievement of three flowers seems to have met some conditions and resonated.
From that invisible and untraceable, a force was drawn into Feng Zichen’s body.
In an instant, Feng Zichen felt different, as if great changes had taken place, but he couldn’t tell what the specific changes were.
Heart doubts can’t help but look up.
"Shout …"
"What’s that?"
This looked up is startled the wind zichen.
See that nine days suddenly more than a purple and gold road wheel is slowly rotating.
"How round!"

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