The temple gate was smashed by Su Mo with one punch, and several pieces of gravel burst and splashed everywhere!
In the billowing smoke and dust, Su Mo looks like a statue of an inviolable god, stepping through the ruins and slowly walking into the burning lamp temple!
Directly opposite that temple gate is the huge and magnificent Hall of the k of heaven.
At this time, there are many monks practicing in front of the Temple of the King of Heaven, but the lowest is to return to the virtual realm, and there are many dharma lords and more than a dozen combined powers!
These monks were nervous and stared at Su Mo, who came in slowly.
In the first place, a monk with a harmonious environment is broad and fat, but his brow is very dignified. He is leaning on a king kong mord in his left hand and holding a string of rosary in his right hand, and he is also examining Su Mo.
"You’re so bold, benefactor, to break into the burning lamp temple and destroy the temple gate!"
The fat monk’s hand broke out with a loud bang, like thunder, which lasted for a long time!
This King Kong mord, with the help of the fat monk, forms a very strong range attack!
Is Sue ink look as usual.
This range attack root will not hurt the seven-creature violet!
Nowadays, except for three big families and some monks, no one in the fix-true world knows how Sumo Beiming Town has undergone transformation.
"Who are you?"
Su Mo’s facial expression asks.
"I am Hui Shen, the abbot of the Burning Lamp Temple!"
Fat monk said slowly
Chapter one thousand four hundred and seventeen A roar dizzy!
Sue ink should casually look as usual.
He now fame even see each big super clan patriarch abbot also don’t worship or peer theory!
"Wild arms I Buddha mercy if you now retire today I burn lamp temple can let bygones be bygones! If you push your luck again, don’t blame my temple for suppressing you as a foreign enemy! "
Abbot Hui Shen looked dignified and sounded stern.
"A master must reason with him"
A young monk came out. Although blazing with anger was powerful, there was no fear in front of Su Mo.
"I used to be a monk, but now I am a brother in the temple of burning lamps. You can also call me a monk who burns lamps!"
For example, I slowly walked out and looked at Su Mo’s eagerness to try. "I have long heard that the wild martial arts are the first evil enemy in the ages!"
"The little monk’s practice today has never been defeated, even the fit and powerful little monk has been suppressed! Today, the little monk will come to see the means of the donor! "
"Ha ha ha!"
Su Mo smiled instead of anger.
"Today’s burning lamp temple really opened my eyes."
Su Mo said, "I practice today, and few low-ranking monks dare to challenge me. You are one!"
"If you retreat!"
The abbot Hui Shen frowned slightly and drank lightly.
Abbot Hui Shen has never seen Su Mo, but there are too many martial words in the past few years!
It’s no fluke that Arakawa can get such a fierce name today!
If it’s really a burning lamp temple, it’s a rare arrogant Uber in this life.
However, if we want to cross the great realm and challenge the wild weapons, it is still a little worse.
"Master, rest assured that I am a donor of wild weapons."
If you still insist on burning high fighting spirit in your eyes, keep a close eye on Su Mo not far away and speak defiantly. "What? Wild martial friends dare not fight with me for fear of ruin? "
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Su Mo laughed.
"Good good!"
Su Molian praised striding towards Ru and nodded, "It’s very good that you have such courage. It’s a rare pity …"
Su Mo didn’t continue to say that he suddenly stopped.
If you watch Su Mo coming over, you will be alert and take out a huge mord from the bag and dance gently as if it were heavy!
The distance between them is only ten feet.
Su Mo suddenly blurted out a big drink!
A loud noise!
It’s like thunder and ears exploding!
If you stare big eyes, your eyes will be bloodshot, and your mind will be white. If you are struck by lightning, you will be stunned on the spot!
Lei Yin kill range attack!
Stepping into the physical body and transforming into a seven-creature violet range, the attack power is also rising several times!
Don’t say so, even if he is fit and powerful, he may not be able to stand it!
"It’s a pity that the fighting power is a little poor."
Su Mo said simply
Until now, he will continue to say that he hasn’t finished speaking just now.
If you fall flat and close your eyes, although you still have breath, you have been stunned by the shock.
The monks are in uproar!
The title brother of the Temple of Burning Lights was stunned by a roar of wild arms!
This fight was extremely sudden and short-lived.
Instantaneous burst of range attack

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