This long gray knife was cut towards the God Emperor!
Many emperors had already seen this scene, but they didn’t stop it. Instead, they gave a sneer and mockery in their eyes.
"I really know that a great avatar still wants to hurt the God Emperor?"
The sun fire emperor slightly sneer at.
Ghost witch emperor frowned instead of talking.
He felt an unusual smell with this long knife!
Although the God Emperor was guarding the temple, he could not help laughing at the sight of the long gray knife coming behind him, "firefly light!"
God Huang’s head didn’t return to backhand and directly smashed this long gray knife!
His palm is naturally safe and sound!
But soon the emperor’s face changed!
Something is wrong!
Just this moment, he Shou Yuan has plummeted for more than thirty thousand years!
This can surprise the God Emperor!
Generally speaking, protoss Shou Yuan is twice as many as Terran.
That is to say, the protoss emperor Shou Yuan lasted for two hundred thousand years!
And god emperor talent terror practice to this state now just over one hundred thousand years old!
With this knife, he has become 130 thousand years old!
God emperor failed to react at the moment to condense the avatar and want to restore Shou Yuan.
He wants a great avatar. How can it affect him?
Even if we cut him, Shou Yuan wants him to run the magical power, and Shou Yuan can recover.
But for a moment, the emperor’s face was completely gloomy!
Shou Yuan disappeared forever in 30,000 years!
And the ghost witch emperor and others also noticed the change of God’s body.
"This magical power cuts Shou Yuan irreversibly?"
"How can a great magical power hurt the God Emperor?"
The Sun Fire Emperor and others frowned.
"Be careful, everyone," said the Ghost Witch Emperor. "This great magical power, Huangwu, is a bit odd. It has come into contact with the power of time. You can only defeat it if you fight hard with your flesh and blood!"
"Young players dare!"
God emperor flew into a rage when he noticed the change of body, and abandoned the temple keeper and turned towards Long Huang to kill him!
His temple keeper hasn’t been hurt in a big battle.
I didn’t expect Long Huang to cut his Shou Yuan for thirty thousand years with this knife!
Chapter one thousand six hundred and forty-two Palm kingdom
The god emperor turned and rushed through the dragon and phoenix’s body. The second time knife has been condensed and cut towards the god emperor!
God emperor pupil contraction in the heart a careful.
This time, he didn’t dare to hold a big backhand and wave a gold pike towards this long gray knife.
But this gray long Dao seems to have no entity, just like a virtual one, and it actually cuts through the golden pike towards the God Emperor!
God emperor gasped at the air conditioning and his look changed greatly!
Time is like a knife, although it is not a peerless magical power, it is the most virtual and difficult magic weapon to ponder, so the weapon root can not stop the passage of time.
God emperor must not let this second knife cut him off.
He was chopped and turned into 130 thousand years old, and he can still maintain his peak qi and blood.
But if you are cut off and become 160 thousand years old, you will reach the peak!
He can’t bear this loss!
When the God Emperor comes, he doesn’t want to burst into the blood ring of the protoss talent avatar for the first time!
God emperor body qi and blood surging God body center suddenly generate out a punch golden ring spread around in the past!
This magic ring passes over the knife of the years and instantly destroys the knife of the years, breaking the impact of this long knife into pieces!
Years knife is a great avatar after all.
You are vulnerable to the power of the peerless avatar.
This blood ring power of God has destroyed the years, and the knife has not failed, and it has enveloped the Long Huang!
When the dragon emperor came out and leaned out of the palm of his hand, he conjured up a vigorous and powerful dragon claw face filled with peerless magical power and caught it towards this ring of God!

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