The second apocalypse arrival

Su Mo put his fingers together and pinched them into a sword, so that he could face the apocalypse.
The second Armageddon broke up again!
Boom Boom Boom
Several fates fell from the sky in succession. Su Mo waved a single hand or finger, or fist, or palm, or seal with his eyes closed, and arbitrarily changed, so he smashed the seven or nine fates into pieces at will!
It’s so easy!
In a blink of an eye, the Armageddon of the Seventh Avenue has ended.
The ninth sky of Armageddon is constantly condensed, and several thunders slowly rotate to form a dark thundertide, ready to accumulate Armageddon force to the apex and then pour it out!
Just then Su Mo suddenly looked up and opened his eyes!
The moment seems to be chaotic at the beginning of the world!
In his right eye, generate show a dazzling brilliance!
This brilliance is more dazzling than thunder tide!
Become the only light in the world!
This beam goes against the trend and rushes into the dark thunder tide, which will blow the thunder tide apart and scatter several Lei Guang arcs around the world!
Chapter two thousand six hundred and seventy-five Avatar metamorphosis?
"This …"
Lin Lei and Lin Luo’s brother and sister were dumbfounded.
This is the fate of July 9, when I almost killed Lin Lei. The black thunder tide is now broken by Su Mo’s eyes!
Don’t say it’s two brothers and sisters. Even Ren Huang Lin Zhan and Linglong Xianwang are surprised.
Two people have long known Su Mo violet’s true blood, but I didn’t expect it to be so powerful!
It’s a pupil technique that will blow the last seven or nine days to pieces!
Is this an equal means?
Lin Zhanheng glanced at Lin Leidao next to him. "You should be aware of your gap now."
Lin leimo: no
This means that if he is a ninth-order fairy, Su Mo will suppress him with this pupil technique!
The gap is too big!
Lin Lei clenched his fists and still comforted himself. "Du Jie is a process and cannot represent future achievements."
"Maybe when Su Mo steps into the real world and cultivates to my realm, it is still unknown who is strong and weak."
Lin Lei is biased against Su Mo’s first entry into Su Mo and his approach to the forest fall because of ulterior motives.
Not that Lin Lei deliberately targeted Su Mo.
But over the years, the warring States period has been plagued by foreign troubles and storms, and I don’t know how many enemies and opponents are staring at them in the dark.
Once, someone tried to play tricks on Lin Lei and had to be careful.
When they first met, Su Mo was a fifth-order fairy.
The gap between the two people is wide. Lin Leiyuan didn’t look at Su Mo.
Now I see that Su Mo has accepted the signs beyond his heart for a while.
Lin Lei’s paranoia has condensed into the most serious Armageddon!
A white doom fell from the sky!
This time Su Mo didn’t stand in situ, but rose to meet the doom!
At the beginning, Wu Daozun made such a choice when he met the most serious Zhenwu Armageddon
Now violet also chooses to face the nine-day robbery!

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