武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 桑拿洗浴 "I don’t understand nuclear engineering. I don’t know why this tragedy happened." The old marshal spoke in a voice as cold as a bayonet, sharp and penetrating. "But there are so many nuclear accidents in the world, but our Soviet nuclear industry is very developed. The nuclear accident is almost isolated from us. I always thought that the nuclear accident was isolated from the Soviet Union, but … tonight, the Chernobyl nuclear accident, which is said to be the safest in the world, exploded and the whole nuclear accident was razed. Can you explain what this is?"

"I don’t understand nuclear engineering. I don’t know why this tragedy happened." The old marshal spoke in a voice as cold as a bayonet, sharp and penetrating. "But there are so many nuclear accidents in the world, but our Soviet nuclear industry is very developed. The nuclear accident is almost isolated from us. I always thought that the nuclear accident was isolated from the Soviet Union, but … tonight, the Chernobyl nuclear accident, which is said to be the safest in the world, exploded and the whole nuclear accident was razed. Can you explain what this is?"

The minister’s lips moved and he couldn’t spit out a complete word for a long time
Kuznetsov gave a thunderbolt and drank, "Is it the second time when your bastards are morally bankrupt and building a nuclear power?"
So take some unqualified equipment and building materials to replenish them, and enrich themselves from fishing and fishing, regardless of the interests of the people of the country! ! ! "
The minister trembled even more. Seeing the thoughtful expressions of several intelligence heads, he knew that if he didn’t speak, he would never have a chance to speak again. He cried with tears, "How dare we?" No matter how bold we are, we dare not make fun of this national transportation project! But … but … the country spent all its money on building an aircraft carrier and a nuclear bomb. We don’t have enough money. Wow, the project is pressing hard. It’s not very important to make some equipment and building materials that barely meet the engineering standards … We didn’t expect this! "
Seeing this guy almost kneeling for himself, but still yelling at himself, Kuznetsov knew that some people in the place also knew that this fat pig was telling the truth. A few people secretly glanced at Kuznetsov’s head and bit their lips in pain. Obviously, his heart was suffering. The fat pig was right. The Soviet Union spent money on building aircraft carriers and nuclear missiles. The funds for the second and third phases of the Chernobyl nuclear project were not sufficient. If this really caused this prehistoric catastrophe, then the elders. I am also responsible for myself, because the former commander of the navy spared no effort to promote the huge aircraft carrier construction plan, and the navy added new warships and submarines. He had to do this because he was the commander of the navy and is still half a sailor, but who would have thought that the seemingly ambitious plan would cause such a terrible disaster? Guilt and regret prick the old man’s heart like a sharp cone, which makes his heart ache and makes him suffer more. Why is it so difficult for the Soviet Union to dominate the world? Let the Soviet Union become a world leader, and promote the Soviet political model to the world. It has always been his lifelong dream to liberate the hard-working masses in the world. He never thought about giving up. Now NATO has consumed too much strength in the confrontation with China, which has inevitably declined, while China has failed to fill the political reality left by NATO due to its own lack of strength. This is the best opportunity for the Soviet Union. The Soviet Navy now has five aircraft carriers, and its strength is no longer a short board of the Soviet Union, while the NATO navy has suffered too heavy losses in the African War. If China fails to recover, it will fall into the mire of claw depression, and the dawn of Soviet rule over the world has already appeared. Everyone has seen it, but it is just this step, but the Soviet Union can’t cross it!Not only can’t cross it, but it may be consumed by the Chernobyl nuclear accident. The fiscal revenue has bottomed out and will eventually be dragged down alive!
No matter what you do, you can’t realize your dreams and lifelong pursuits. No matter what you do, it won’t work.
Tired, tired, too tired, the Soviet Union Optimus Prime, the weight of the whole Soviet Union’s land weighs on him, and the burden increases with the increase of strength, so that his status is so detached that he has to look at him.
His face is so heavy that he can’t breathe. I miss Stalin’s time …
Gorbachev saw that the old man’s mood was not antagonistic, and he shouted and shouted, "Shut up!" " I rubbed my temples with a sense of force, which made Ma Jie’s army enter the disaster area to evacuate the people and take out our strategic materials to protect the daily life of the victims … sending our special forces will put out the fire as soon as possible! Send engineering troops to seal the core with concrete first! "
Ogarkov said, "It’s too dangerous. The Chernobyl nuclear radiation is so strong that a young man will lose his walking ability in less than ten minutes after being exposed to that intensity of nuclear radiation. Our soldiers …"
Gorbachev roared, "They don’t want to go there to die, do they? Well, I’ll give them two choices: either go to Chernobyl for a few hours or go to Afghanistan for a few years and let them choose! "
At this point, it’s not good for Ogarkov to say anything, so what can we do to arrange it?
Gorbachev is still dissatisfied and continues to roar. This time, his anger is directed at everyone. "What are you still doing?" Let’s move! Gentlemen, now that we have been attacked by a nuclear bomb, don’t act as soon as possible and wait for me to give you medals! "
Everyone woke up like a dream, and the birds and animals went their separate ways. In a minute, they will spread the bird’s anger here to their owners.
What a bunch of stupid pigs! Gorbachev stared at those guys, panting, and had the urge to shoot them. These guys were right with him, and something went wrong, but they didn’t have any opinions. Damn it! He cursed the guys in anger until Kuznetsov looked up. He came to his senses and said, "Marshal, go back to rest. We are confident enough to survive this crisis. Don’t worry!"
Kuznetsov said, "Where can I sleep? Why don’t you let the 79th division come back first? It’s unwise to go to war with China at this time when such a big event happens in China."
Chapter DiYiQi April 26th (14)
"The Soviets have retreated!"
"The Soviets retreated! !”
"Damn polar bear sold us again!"
"It is unforgivable and unforgivable for the Soviets to throw us away!"
"I’m going to shoot them all down and let those soldiers fall into the sea and drown!"
Seeing the Soviet transport fleet suddenly turn around, they ran in the middle of a fierce battle to kill the pilots of the Japanese army. An old blood almost gushed out from their throats. Every pilot knew very well what it meant for the Soviets to run away from the enemy when they got cold feet. Although the Chinese army shot down their early warning aircraft first, they were passive, but they still had three ef-111 fighters with strong magnetic protection for the whole fleet. They fought to the death and could not tear open the defense line of the Chinese army. Of course, they would suffer heavy casualties, but they firmly believed that they could win. However, even if the Soviets withdrew, what could they do Can paratroopers who improvise turn the battlefield around on the ground? Toes want to know the answer!
Anger, humiliation, resistance, depression, despair, madness … The negative emotions that a person can generate after being fooled are flooding every pilot’s mind at the moment. I don’t know how many people are gnashing their teeth, exposing the blue veins on the back of their hands and distorting their facial muscles like a crazy beast! Every pilot of the Japanese army was determined to die, boarded a plane and flew thousands of miles to claw depression, determined to make a way out by his own flesh and blood. What happened? What could be more funny and ironic than the fact that the real war has just started and the Soviet Union is about to withdraw its troops? You always take off your pants and you show me this?
Every pilot has been mad with grief, but they are desperate to see the Soviets retreat, and nothing can be done. The hope of victory is getting less and less as the flashing lights of the military transport plane go away.
What should I do if I take it?
No one knows what to do next. The only thing they can do is to report to China and try their best to kill Hawk, a fierce Chinese country.
The Soviet retreat also caused a great reaction in the Chinese national army. The Chinese pilot gave a cheer and jumped on the enemy plane with double ferocity. The Soviets didn’t dare to fight with us, little Japanese pig. What do you think? I won’t tear you to pieces! Even the rear reserve Xiaolong has been pressed to form an absolute numerical advantage. Almost every fighter plane of the Japanese army has to face two Chinese fighters, and the gas is not coming.
Feng Ling was the first to find the Soviet transport fleet retreating. He laughed, "Haha, polar bears laugh at me sometimes!"
Lilac said calmly, "Polar bears never know what fear means, and there are not many things that can make them retreat without fighting … something must have happened in their country and they are afraid to be distracted from fighting with us."
Feng Ling dodged an ai-9 rattlesnake missile with two plane spirals in a row, calling "Whatever the reason, anyway, they have already come and want to leave without such a cheap thing! Cover me, I’m going to rush over and give them some color to see see! "
Lilac is nervous and cries, "Don’t be impulsive. The result is already the best we can fight for. Now it is counterproductive to shoot down the transportation opportunities in the Soviet Union!"
Feng Ling said, "I’m not stupid enough to rock the boat and shoot down their plane, but it’s really unreasonable to let them run back with both hands without giving them a little souvenir … cover me!" The fighter plane suddenly accelerated to Mach 2.2, and like a huge missile, it pulled out a dazzling flame and went straight into the depth of the Japanese fleet! Lilac Nai was able to shoot out three Viper ii missiles in a row to attack two f-15j and one f-14 respectively. The three fighters had to maneuver off these deadly Viper greatly, so Feng Ling slipped through them and threw a short-range missile Viper ii with the ability of back-firing. Together, he attacked and tried to bite the f-14 at six o’clock. By the time these three fighters reacted, he had penetrated this formation and rushed to the Soviet transport fleet 100 kilometers away!
The pilots who are qualified to participate in this flight are all elites with superior technology. The three fighters calmly responded and finally got rid of the long-awaited rampaging missiles. However, Feng Ling has flown far away and left them with a row of white and straight tail smoke that is full of disdain. However, the squadron leader glanced at the radar and roughly estimated the flight route of the J-10. After guessing its intention, he reached a dead order "Don’t chase and concentrate on fighting!" The other two fighters pounced on the Raptors squadron. Not to be outdone, a fighter plane threw off its opponent, and lilacs appeared on the left wing. The f-14 attacked five fighters, and the missiles flew over at night, pulling out chains of fire and hot flame bait from each other. Don’t want money, like slamming red flowers and dazzling fireworks, the night bloomed amazingly, colorful and charming, trying to confuse the murderous missiles. Both sides tried their best to kill each other. The distance between life and death has never been so close as it is now. Perhaps this is the case.
At the same second, three huge roars were connected in a line, and three fighter planes were smashed into three groups by missiles, and the burning fragments of fireworks were pulled out.
The beautiful streamline splashed hundreds of meters away, and the explosion light lit up the sky! Feng Ling mumbled, "This situation is really scary. I hope it’s not our fighter plane that gets blown up … I wonder why no Japanese fighter plane came to intercept it? I’m always ready to surprise them with my comeback! " His back-fired missiles were ready to surprise him with enemy planes coming to chase the horse, but the Japanese army turned a blind eye to this murderous attack on the Soviet fleet, and carefully prepared the killer weapon, which was a wink, but at the thought of his horse, it turned white. The Japanese people were also very angry with the Soviet Union and couldn’t wait to chase the Soviet transport plane group. When they saw that there was a fighter plane chasing after it to help them vent their anger, it was unlikely that they would intercept it! Now this layer Feng Ling sneer at damn Japanese pig incredibly want to take him as a gun? It’s not that easy
Since no one is chasing after them, there is no need to fly too fast. He simply reduces the speed to high subsonic speed. Anyway, the speed of those broken transport planes is only a few hundred kilometers. Even at high subsonic speed, it is easy to chase them. Once you wait for the transport plane, it will be like fire. Missiles will run and run. What are you running? You are not much faster than tractors. How dare you play with fighters? It’s hilarious! If something happens, fly out of the supersonic speed and show me. You fly and fly!
Of course, the Il -76 can’t fly at supersonic speed, so the distance between them is getting closer and closer, and it was quickly bitten by Feng Ling, who took the lead in letting him bite the plane and hang a Zhongtan, flying slowly and stupidly like a stone. Seeing this god of plague approaching the pilot and the paratroopers in the cabin with a smell of death, they all exclaimed. If everyone is afraid of death, even well-trained soldiers are no exception, don’t you believe it? If you don’t believe me, I’ll put you in a milliarmed transport plane and then drive a fighter plane to rush over and fire missiles at it to see if you’re afraid! Il -76 is not armed. It has a machine gun. What can this thing hold? The pilot struggled to push the joystick transport plane out of an absolutely nonstandard evasive maneuver, trying to avoid the missile that was about to be drawn like a chain of fire. Unfortunately, the J-10 even glanced over its head and went straight to the protected Il -76, which looked the most beautiful. If I didn’t guess wrong, it should have been the headquarters of the Soviet Union’s 79th drop division. The pilot screamed in a tight line, "The commander, be careful, it’s coming at you! Horse evasion! "
There was a little commotion in the commander’s plane, and the senior officers of the 79th drop division were amazed when they saw the J-10 crashing toward them at subsonic speed. It seems that they should cheer and be relieved when they retreat. Why did they send fighters to attack them? This is unreasonable! Regardless of whether it’s reasonable or not, the J-10 is really coming.
Seemingly random, a transport plane flashed and managed to shoot out a shuttle gun shell flying against the wing, and then a fallen leaf fluttered, desperate to crash towards it. Il -76 flew past the belly of the plane when it was really a leaf in the evergreen forest. Borrossi Love was so angry that he gritted his teeth and said, "Shoot it down! Even if people and planes collide with each other, they should bump it to let China know what the consequences are of provoking us! "
The pilot dare not take this order and really let the transport plane shoot down the fighter plane? Are you kidding me? The co-pilot exclaimed, "It’s coming! It’s coming!" The pilot roared, "Shut up!" Try your best to manipulate this transport plane, which is dumber than a stone, and it is extremely difficult to see the flight motive. The gun is aimed at a distance of several hundred meters, and they have to press the ten buttons to the end!
Dadada dadada-
The single-tube revolver gun roared, and a salamander flew out and bared its teeth and rolled to J-10 in an attempt to wring it into pieces. However, the J-10 fighter in Feng Ling’s hand was dancing with the wind, and every part of the snowflake was full of movement. It was so smart and elegant that it was impossible to shoot it down by the machine gun! This is a slight increase of dozens of machine guns and shells in a chain of fire, and no one can save the commander this time! Several staff members exclaimed with horror that Borrossi Loff’s expression was so bad that he didn’t even jump his eyelids. It seemed that the fighter plane was doomed and didn’t dare to do anything about him!
I proudly announced to Lieutenant General that you guessed wrong. If I wanted to, I would dare to sieve you and throw you into the sea to feed the fish! That’s the wing of the J-10 fighter plane. An aircraft machine gun fired a searing bomb. It hit the commander’s fuselage mercilessly and carved out a little spark. That hateful pilot must have meant to humiliate them. He didn’t shoot them, but slowly fired one after another and hit them very accurately. None of the bullets were waves.
Every time people in the plane got shot, their hearts trembled involuntarily. Later, even their bodies trembled. The pilot didn’t mean to kill them. After several shots at the command fuselage like nails, the command aircraft passed by without looking back. He never fired missiles until it flew dozens of kilometers away and found a pleasant goat flying into the gray wolf. After that, the pilot was convinced that the devil had really let them go. At this time, his body was soaked with cold sweat.

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