武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 夜网 The water column mixed with magma at the peak of the snow-capped mountain is roaring and splashing like a rain curtain.

The water column mixed with magma at the peak of the snow-capped mountain is roaring and splashing like a rain curtain.

At this time, everyone is already wet, and they all look up at the crazy rolling fireball at the top of the water column in amazement!
Fireballs also come from time to time, shouting "I’m going to die!" I’m dying! Ascend to heaven ~ La ~! "
A moment later, the mountain spewed straight through the long water column and slowly recovered, and the tremor of the earth shook and subsided.
"Bang ~!" The rolling fireball instantly rolled back and fell back and slammed into the mountain pool! The steaming water waves once again covered the stunned people!
I looked at my eyes, my clothes were wet all over, my long hair, Junzheng’s thin cheeks were twitching constantly, and it was obviously anger to the extreme! He wanted this broad mountain to be a good thing, but he never thought that the snow-capped mountains would suddenly change dramatically, not to mention that the water would pour down! At this time, the mountain breeze added a bit of chill, which made the body full of desire go to July 7th!
I thought that I just vaguely heard a strange yelling in the fireball, and the fireball was also strange, and he had changed his realm to explore it! Maybe someone deliberately came to ruin his good deeds.
Looking at the still burning fireball, he licked his thin lips and immediately held Mo Tong, who was flushed and weak, in his arms with one hand and smiled. "It’s not a shame to go to sex again after I finish cleaning up the people in the fireball and think that I can fix my star and be your companion …!"
Before Jun Zheng laughed, he heard that the fireball at the edge of the pool exploded instantly! The red flame scattered and splashed with the pool to show two awkward figures!
One person can’t repair the height of more than seven feet, and the skirt is worn out, because the lotus on the top of his head covers most of his face 3! At the moment, he is holding a petite girl with disheveled hair in one hand, disguised as a man’s girl, but the girl is burying her head in dzogchen’s arms, and her hands are holding his waist tightly!
These two people just escaped from Luoyu Xiaofan from the solitary tomb of the sword! Simply have a cold fire to protect the two people, although they are bumpy and seem flustered, but how much damage!
See this suddenly emerged from the fireball’ sweet’ embrace a pair of men and women all don’t want to also know …
Jun Zheng glanced at Mo Tong in his arms and looked meaningfully at the disheveled Luo Yu Xiaofan. Hehe smiled and said, "Jun happened to be a Taoist couple. The Taoist friend here is really a kindred spirit! What fun! Jun Mopei! "
Jun Zheng said that naturally, he couldn’t see Luo Yu’s scruples. He saw that Luo Yu Xiaofan was so ambiguous, but Luo Yu Xiaofan was … only then did he say so.
But at this moment, Mo Xiaoyi, who was seriously injured, took advantage of Hu Lie’s temporary relaxation. He rushed out and shouted, "Your dog thief let my grandfather go!"
"Noisy!" Jun Zheng didn’t look at cutting, but it was a gray Gangfeng that rolled back and fell aside, and the blood sprayed out and fainted on the spot!
Smell mo Xiao’s yelling and saying that Luo Yu’s heart suddenly shocked! He looked at Jun Zheng through the front lotus leaf, covered with brown clothes and wet long hair, and when Luo Yu cut his thin face, his eyebrows suddenly froze! Dark scold a’ disgusting! What the hell is this family? I still like men! I’m still a fellow traveler. Bah!’
At the moment, Xiao Fan in his arms obviously has a deep understanding of this! She suddenly woke up to earn Luo Yu’s arms and stared at Jun Zheng from embarrassment.
Jun Zheng felt puzzled when he saw that Xiao Ni stared at himself for no reason! Then he looked at the silent head of Bing Xin Huo Lian, and Luo Yu hesitated for a moment, saying, "Dao You, this Bing Xin Huo Lian is my family’s property, and I hope Dao You will give it to me."
Luo Yu lifted her feet and walked ashore. "Ka ~!" The snow melted and the rock ground cracked instantly! See his whole body filar silk red blood gas rises and turns into a red flame!
At the moment, Luo Yu’s whole body is blood shadow Rise of the Legend transpiration! But it’s freezing around! Even Hu Lie, who was several feet away, was faintly chilled! Look at that red flame that keep sending out chill! They really don’t know whether the person in front of them is human or not? Or the’ lotus monster’!
Luo Yu’s whole body was ablaze, and the dead trees by the pool were so close that they trembled slightly! However, at this time, the mountain breeze was not noticed by the public.
At this moment, I saw the figure in the fire holding an ice blue lotus in the flame with my forehand! Even when Luo Yu was holding a lotus, the dead tree beside him seemed to move! Los feather corner swept away to see eyes suddenly eyebrows a wrinkly’ this dead tree in ghosts! It seems to be swaying in the wind, but it’s not! Is it a living thing? Fear my cold fire? ….. seems to be able to hide the associated monster beast!’
Thinking of this, Luo Yu looked at Jun Zheng calmly and mused coldly, "If I don’t let you endure me?"
"hmm? This! " Looking at the ground where Luo Yu’s feet are chapped, Jun Zheng was suddenly surprised! It must be a lot higher to think that this person is not only tough but also tough! In an instant, he smiled freely. "Since Taoist friends don’t want to give up Lotus, Junmou will leave!"
With that, Jun Zheng turned to Hu Lie for a pretence and called a dark tone, "I can’t find out if this person is not strong enough, so Mo Xiaoyi left here!"
Looking weak and flush on her face, she snuggled up to Jun Zheng’s shoulder and begged to look at her’ male’ face with hesitation. When he was not out of the fireball, he had already listened to this gentleman’s statement that he was a Ningxing Xiu. Now, although he has risen a lot in his realm, he has almost no chance of winning if he is really a Ningxing friar! Because Brother Ning Xing can resist flying, if he hands on it, he will be almost invincible, and even if he is physically strong, he will have to look forward to it, but he will be exposed by others!
When Luo Yu hesitated, Xiao Fan pulled his arm and looked at him sadly. When Luo Yu saw Xiao Fan’s pleading eyes, he suddenly thought of the past when Xiao Fan was bullied by Zou Cheng!
Thinking of this, he sighed and said to Jun Zheng, "Leave people and get out!"
Jun Zheng turned his back on Luo Yu and smelled that his eyes suddenly flashed with malice and gritted his teeth! But when he turned around, he was smiling, so isn’t it unreasonable for Taoist friends to force me to stay with them? Too unreasonable? "
Luo Yu once again took a step, and the whole body was even more like a burning man! It’s the burning flame, not the heat wave, but the ice is getting more and more biting! "Kaka" is frozen in the ear, and the ground around it has spread and frozen!
"hey!" That just frozen ice stone ground unexpectedly in front of people spirit force fluctuations inch by inch split! Then the soles of your feet fell into the stone!
At the moment the head lotus lotus feather tone cold quipped "human feelings? Reason? Hum! Look at my eyes and listen to my ears, but it’s not up to you to tell me! Don’t try to challenge my patience! "
Jun Zheng looked at the lotus leaves to cover Luo Yu’s red eyes. His eyebrows were slack and his heart was beating.’ If I leave Mo Tong’s home, I will definitely not let it go! My family is not afraid of his family, but it has added a lot of trouble. What does the Lord blame? In addition, this person is mysterious and inexplicable, but it gives people a strong atmosphere! Who’s this guy? Is it …! "
Chapter 127 Bath fire shocks people’s hearts, and the ghost face shows its shape ()
Jun Zheng looked at the lotus leaves to cover Luo Yu’s red eyes, his eyebrows were slack and his heart was beating.’ … This person is mysterious and inexplicable, but it gives people a strong breath! Who’s this guy? Is it …!’
Thinking of this, he glanced at Luo Yu’s whole body flame, and it was rising red blood gas. Jun Zheng’s expression changed, and there was anger. He saw Mo Tong slowly put a casual ceremony and said, "Leave now! Let’s go! "
With that, he turned away and walked forward without looking back. Brother Hu Liepang suddenly glanced at each other and became dejected, and walked with him towards the disciples of the royal family who were injured.
Luo Yu waited quietly for a moment and looked at Jun Zheng and others. It really seemed that he was going to leave. He no longer hesitated and hurriedly led the look to cut Xiaofan.
Stay in the crowd, Luo Yu looked at what he was looking at, and his cheeks were red as fire, and he looked weak and handsome’ male’. His heart secretly praised’ Sure enough, he was born handsome and almost caught the gigolo in Yun Jian South. No wonder that Jun Zheng …! Huh?’
Looking at the’ ogling’ handsome’ male’ Luo Yu, who kept blinking at himself, suddenly felt a bad cold! I’ll go! What’s wrong! Is this person really good at Longyang, or is it Jun Zheng’s "Taoist couple"? "
Thought of here, Luo Yu’s desire to stretch out and pick up Mo Tong’s arm suddenly stopped for half!
But at this moment, Mo Tong’s face was red and weak, whispering "Be careful …!"
Luo Yu, who smelled the faint sound of mosquitoes and flies, asked doubtfully, "What did you say?" At the same time, when he approached the front, he felt that his anger was so weak that he sounded "Be careful ~ dark!"
"Little darling!" Luo Yu’s eyes suddenly widened and he looked very impatient and charming. He whispered incredibly, "I’ll go to your uncle’s death …!"
Can I see this’ good comrade’ side when I am surprised by Luo Yu’s aversion to cold? A flash of gray mountain is a sharp bone spur coming face to face!

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