Star trembling
The woman in the depths of the star gave a muffled hum.
In this process, Su Mo has long been hiding in the bronze Fang Ding with the dragon and phoenix gods.
He tried to control the bronze Fang Ding to escape from here, but outside the war broke out and the power fluctuation constantly impacted the bronze Fang Ding.
In the face of this terrorist force, Su Mogen resisted
He can hide in the bronze Fang Ding, collide with each other in this chaotic force, and flee about among the nearby stars.
Su Mo can’t see the situation outside, but the woman is not as good as King Yun.
More importantly, he’s not the only one here!
If someone else joins forces with you, that woman will be defeated!
"I don’t know who this woman is. I hope she will be all right."
Su Mo heart andao
It’s not up to him to live or die. He can resign himself to fate!
Now Su Mo hopes not to bring trouble to this woman because of herself.
Outside, the breath became more violent. Su Mo spilled a cloud of yellow sand to seal the tripod mouth, and the whole person curled up to hide from the tripod.
Su Mo took a deep breath and moved his mind, so he entered the sea of violet!
A Yuan God’s red hair shawl is full of evil spirits, and a Yuan God’s black hair is elegant and elegant.
Su Mo bit his teeth slightly to control the collision of the two great gods!
Two figures, light and shadow, merged and burst into a violent fluctuation of knowledge!
Sue mo, who was struck by lightning, was shocked and snorted. I felt that the whole person almost fainted at the moment.
The original homology of his two great Yuan gods should not encounter much obstacle now.
But in fact, the forced integration of these two Yuan gods is still a fierce conflict and collision, and they almost died on the spot!
In fact, if these two great Yuan gods were to be merged at the beginning of their birth, they would not encounter much danger.
But now the two Yuan gods are integrated into one.
A statue of Dragon Phoenix, which has been cultivated into a taboo, is full of evil spirits.
The other statue is filled with the splendor of heaven and earth. Although these two Yuan gods are of the same origin, they are completely different!
This kind of integration is simply a death wish!
Don’t say that Su Mo has just soared. Even now, you Wang and others dare not do so!
In fact, if Long Huang was destroyed and Su Mo was forced to such a desperate situation, he would not have risked the integration of the two Yuan gods.
But now he has no choice.
Even if he stops coming, the two Yuan gods have suffered great damage irretrievably.
He can try to stay awake and force integration with strong will!
Su Mo didn’t realize that he had already stepped into the ghost gate now.
If you don’t stop coming, the two great gods will not merge, but will die together!
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and sixteen Candle shines deep and remote.
The battle outside the bronze Fang Ding became more and more fierce, and the mysterious woman appeared behind her. She was no match for King Yun You.
A shiver in the collision between the two strong stars around seems to be overwhelming.
If the mysterious woman loses, Su Mo will die too.
And now the bronze Fang Ding Sino-Soviet ink is also facing great danger!
Dragon, Phoenix, Yuan God, Violet, Yuan God don’t give in to each other and mix with each other.
Although these two Yuan gods are of the same origin, their practice has already undergone a thorough transformation and forced integration, and a fierce conflict suddenly broke out!
Su Mo curled up with his hands on his head and growled in a bronze Fang Ding.

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